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Sikhs Send Aid To 2014 India & Pakistan Flood Victims – First 10 Trucks Dispatched From Parmeshar Dwar

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24 September 2014 - In September 2014, the Jammu & Kashmir region was ravaged with the worst floods in nearly six decades, leaving hundreds of precious human lives dead, thousands injured and displaced, and millions more affected.

In order to contribute in its own way to the global relief effort, The Parmeshar Dwar Trust, with the backing of the Sikh Sangat, arranged teams to be sent in aid to the affected region. Initially ten trucks were dispatched from Gurdwara Parmeshar Dwar Sahib with thousands of blankets, bedding, clothes, medicines, water and food packages for the affected victims.

As an arm emerged from the humanitarian and selfless-service Sikh beliefs propagated by The Parmeshar Dwar Gurmat Parchar Mission, involved in charitable activities The Parmeshar Dwar Trust is a not-for-profit organisation based in Patiala and founded in 2009 by Sikh Parcharak Baba Ranjit Singh Khalsa Dhadrianwale.

The regions of Jammu and Kashmir in India, as well as Azad Kashmir, Gilgit-Baltistan and Punjab in Pakistan, have been affected by the floods. Caused by torrential rainfall, villages upon villages have been inundated in the natural disaster. Many charitable organisations from across the world are involved in the relief effort, including those established on Sikh philosophy.

Baba Ranjit Singh Khalsa said, “Where Gurmat Parchar is done, at the same time we must make efforts in our own small ways to live practically by what we preach.”

“When such natural calamities arise, we must not differentiate any human life with race, colour, creed or religion.”

“This is not a solitary endeavour by The Parmeshar Dwar Trust, as without the support of the hard-working and generous Sikh community, nothing is possible.”

Baba Ranjit Singh Khalsa also stressed working together in unity for any such humanitarian causes and supporting other Sikh charitable organisations across the world that immediately went in aid to the affected regions upon hearing the news on the very first day.

Also see video:

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J&K flood victims grateful to Sikhs for shelter at gurdwaras

Srinagar: Hundreds of flood-victims in Jammu and Kashmir who found shelter at various gurdwaras across the the state are grateful to the Sikh community for their contribution in the rescue efforts.

Abdul Rasheed has been staying in Gurudwara Shaheed Bunga for past 17 days ever since he along with his family was rescued from his marooned house in Jawahar Nagar here.

"Floodwater did not spare any community, everybody was equally affected, but we are thankful to the members of the Sikh community" he said.

Expressing gratitude towards the Sikh community, the flood victims, of whom a majority were Muslims, said they would remain indebted to the community as they helped them without discriminating on the basis of religion.

"I had never been to Gurudwara before and I am overwhelmed to see the love and care these people gave us. Without being bothered about our religion, they allowed us to live inside the main hall of the gurudwara," Maqsood Ahmed, a resident of Bemina locality, said.

Besides setting up relief camps at gurdwaras, several members of Sikh community also volunteered in rescue efforts.

"A sardarji used his turban to pull my drowning family out. We owe our life to him, he even used the turban cloth to stop the bleeding of my daughter's wounds," Shabeer Ahmed another resident of Jawahar Nagar, said.

Various Sikh organisations from across the country and the globe too have extended help for the relief and rehabilitation of the flood affected residents.

"UK-based Khalsa Aid and US-based United Sikhs were among the first few charitable organisations which rushed their men and equipment to carry out the relief work in the Valley," a government official said.

Delhi Sikh Gurudwara Management Committee (DGMC) and the Amritsar-based Shri Gurudwara Prabandhak Committee (SGPC) have set up 24-hour free Langer (community kitchens) at various places across the Srinagar city.

"Besides establishing Langers at several places in Srinagar, we have been providing packed food for more than 70,000 people daily," DGMC member P S Chandok said.


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