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    • British account of Akali Phoola Singh   THE DEATH OF PHOOLA SINGH – extract from the poem by R.W.Bingham And fiercer raged the stubborn strife, not so unequal then, But Phoola Sing, the Nihung Chief, had lost three hundred men. Himself once more was wounded, still like a flaming star, Leading the strife, was fairly seen his flashing scimitar: And fiercer still the battle grew, and louder still was cried The “Allah Ho,” from Moslem ranks—”Wah Khalsajee,” replied. And still the Sikhs press on; the Khalsa bayonets thrust, Makes many a brawny Affghan to bite the trampled dust: But Phoola Sing has fallen ;—his leadership is o’er, The doubly gallant Chieftain, lies weltering in his gore. He fell on “Terees” top; he saw the black banner fly Close by his side,— the guiding star which led to Victory; He raised his thrilling cheer once more, the bullet pierced his brain. He fell, on heaps of slaughtered foes;— he’ll never fight again. Then rose from Khalsa ranks the yell of anguish and of ire, They fiercely rushed upon the foe, like a devouring fire; In vain, in vain were sword and lance, in vain were helm and targer Nor foot, nor horse, could there avail, ‘gainst that resistless charge. The Moslem ranks are wavering now, their banners rent and torn. “Wah Gooroojee,” once more the cry, and down the hill they’re As well resist an avalanche, or whirlwind in its force, As try to stem the dreadful rush of bayonets in their course. The plain and hill, were covered o’er, the Loonda full of slain, And since that day, the Affghans ne’er have dared the strife again; But since the death of Phoola Sing, have crouched before our power. While we have ruled by right of arms the valley of Peshawur.
    • Akali Phoola Singh died while in battle against the Afghans, Akali Phoola Singh broke his kneecap and fell off his horse but then re-entered the battle this time on the back of an elephant making him an easier target. He died in battle like a true warrior.  Vaar written by Missar Hari Chand about Akali Phoola Singh titled "mighty friend"     Old painting from Jammu depicting Singhs last battle 
    • Didn't really look at life like that as a child to be honest 
    • Middle aged alcoholism are a result of deeper issues. In some ways related to the mid-life crisis, and there are some deep frustrations that result in heavy drinking. It is particular male thing at a particular age.
    • no we saw what a degraded existence, with violence, disease those people would end up with ...the truth is always there  if you look around
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