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Three Qualities

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I think, I have already given the answer to your question above.

But I do not mind writing it again. As said, all the mayavee creation is up to the ceiling where sato gun permeates in each atom, each molecuile of that plane, which is known also as the causal plane.

After that comes the region of Parbraham, means one has crossed the region of maya, of sato gun, the region of purest mind. Though there is still a long way to Sach Khand, but from Parbraham onwards, the purity goes on increasing, there is no duality, but only Satnam, Satnam, Satnam only, Wahiguru only.

That is why the Bani says: Sach Khand vasay Nirankar.

There only Wahiguru exists.

Though it is beyond any description, any imagination, any wonder, but suffice is to say : Wah eeee guruuuuuuu

There are no such different entities as: Sant Jan, Guru Gahibans, Gurmukhs, Bhagats, Brahamgyanis....

One may ask, why so?

The answer is, one by His kirpa, does bhakti for merging in Him and becoming Him, so naturally what else can expected...

If one is looking for anything else apart from Him in the spiritual planes, then sorry to say, we have not understood Gurmat at all.

The sole purpose of the Bani and Gurmat, is just to reunite us with our origin, Wahiguru Akal Purukh.

That is it, nothing more nothing less either.

The begining of the mool mantra, beautifully describes the qualities of the only existing resident of Sach Khand:

Ikonkar : There is only one Lord without second.

Satnam: He is the embodiment of the Supreme Truth, which is unchangeable, which is everlasting.

Karta Purakh: He is the doer of everything

Nirbhav: He is fearless,

Nirvair: He has enimity with none

Akal Moorat: He is beyond time, thus He exists since the very begining, or we can say, He is the begining of everything

Ajoonee: He is birthless, thus deathless

Saimbhav: He exists by Himself, depends on none. He is not caused by anything before Him or beyond Him.

Gurprasad: He gets Himself manifested to those who devote themselves to Him, through a channel known as Guru, and it is only by His own Grace and Mercy (Prasaad) that this happens.

Such is His mahanta, one just gets into the state of bliss, by just listening to His Beant wadeeayee .....


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