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Bhai Nirmal Singh Khalsa Performs At Pakhandi Dehdhari Gurudamm Smagam

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Can't believe a regular "Sri Darbar Sahib Hazoori Ragi" can go and turn their back towards Sri Guru Granth Sahib Jee for a bit of cash and whatever other thrills these pakhandi babeh offer them... Nirmal needs to be summoned to the Akaal Takht and stripped of his title.


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khalsa1499 ji i also agree with you. i know one kirtaniya lives in surrey also kirtan teacher, always asked me for dasvand money. one day he argued with me about sant Jarnal Singh Khalsa Bhindra vale. then i thought this kirtanyian have no respect for kom de shaheed, no sikhi spirt. and also if teaches tabla or kirtan to kids and those kids start going to akj program. he stops teaches those kds. so istopped giving him any dasvand. when ever i gave some til full to him my heart was not sporting me.

hard to believe any one in these days. Guru Kirpa karn apnei kom te


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And up until now he has been doing kirtan in front of... what exactly?

You obviously do not know about Sikhi.

As OP states, it's about the money. Just by him attending and performing is promotion of a mere mortal who claims [his followers] he's the Living Guru. Makes me laugh out loud, literally.

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