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Divine Engineer Lord Vishwakarma ?

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Vishvakarma in Hindu mythology is the grand architect designer/builder of the universe the master of all technology, tools, arts crafts and skilled trades.

Hence generally revered by those who are proficient in the usage of tools I.e: craftsmen and skilled workers.

This doesn't have any place in Sikhi though,vishvakarma is just a manifestation of the creative powers of akal purakh.

The same as Mahakaal/death the destroyer is the manifestation of the destructive powers of akal purakh.

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Dass need to who is baba viskarma ?? Why do sikhs belive in baba viskarma or celebrate viskarma day at gurdwara , thers is akhand paath bhog in gurdwara related to baba viskarma whats wrong with sikhs i thought we suppose to belive ek only one ??

NO, Sikhs believe in Karta Purakh. There is only ONE TRUE CREATOR. Even Vishkarma is a creation by the ONE TRUE CREATOR. Any Sikh who believes in Vishkarma is NOT A SIKH. This is Anti-Gurmat as per Sikh Rehat Maryada.

http://sgpc.net/rehat_maryada/section_four.html. See point (a) in this link.

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