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How can Sikhs spread Sikhism in the UK?? we see Muslims doing this on stalls up and down the country in the high streets and shopping centres.

Yet Why cant Sikhs do the same, Just imagine if thousands started becoming Sikhs on their own will of course.

I think sometimes Sikhs are against conversion of any type and we are also not the most welcoming of people. ie in The gurdwara alot of the people there act arrogant due to wearing a turban and beard. hence people are put off and don't feel welcome.

We need to start doing more Missionary work in the UK. Right now thousands are converting to Islam in the UK and that is happening on the backdrop of a huge backlash against Islam in the UK. yet they are still managing to convert many white people to Islam.

Sikhs have a good reputation in the UK. yet we are not doing any missionary work. I think many people in the UK would really like the message of Sikhism. Its just a shame that they probably dont know much about it. Plus they would be open to Sikhism as we are not going to brainwash or threaten them into Sikhsm.

In reality Sikhism is probably the religion that most white people would feel closest to. Due to the message of equality for all ect.

And not 72 virgins in heaven that you get In Islam, yet due to brainwashing they are attracting more converts.

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Gurbani says that individual should practice before they start preaching others.

Silent missionary work - a person who lives his life 100% according to his sikhi rehat but never tells probably inspires hundred without saying a word. As gurbani says (pls correct me if im wrong) that a chandan tree standing tall with beautiful smell, other trees and bushes around that tree also adopt the same smell. Just like chandan, Guru ka sikh will also inspires his surrounding people to know the akal purakh.

Organizational prachar - yes good but volunteers rehat, motives and goal are major concern. Is there goal is to increase numbers in population or is their goal is to help fellow human to get straight path to akal purakh or is their goal is to save us from mistaken identity.

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I'm not saying any Sikh off the street should start preaching. I'm talking about people who are knowledgeable on Sikhism and living the Sikh way of Life should do the Parchaar.

I don't see anything wrong with starting to educate people on Sikhism.

Its not about looking for converts to Sikhism. But just giving people information on the religion and helping them Convert if that's what they would like to do.

One of the reason why Muslim male converts in Islam feel more welcome Is because of their mosque gender structure.

Ie Sikhs will not feel comfortable with other white or other race people comming to the same Gurdwara as them as the Gurdwara is open to women and men.,

But in the Mosques only men are allowed in hence. Muslim male converts are more welcomed in this male only environment as their are no women there.

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was going say basics of sikhi does good street parchar but problem is that uk and western society is ever inreasingly becoming non-religious atheists and those who do want to find a religion are turning to islam because it offers them a way out to hate on the society that they no longer fit in to.

Islam's succes in converting people is the false hopes and promises given to the convert ie 4 wives for a muslim man, a convert will automatically get ticket to jannah unless he/she strays from islam, the belief in the devil and jinns so not taking personal responsibility for your own actions and sins. The issue of eating meat they are encouraged to eat meat, the issue of cutting body hair they are not allowed to keep body hair....

So islam appeals to a wide range of white and black people wanting to find meaning in a meaningless atheist life and society. The problem Sikhi faces in trying to convert people is that rehat is very hard to follow even practising sikhs themselves dont follow it propery. Unless there is reformation that puts rehat, dastaar and 5ks on the backfoot and concentrating on Sikhi on a spiritual level then you will only get a handful of converts and most through yoga classes etc.

Sikh spirituality has the potential to convert alot of people to Sikhi but we will get fundamentalist morons that will go around saying your not a sikh unless you keep rehat or wear dastaar or believe in this or that.... keep Sikhi simple and people will flock.

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SupaKaur, That is true.. alot of white people are more into yoga and stuff like that . Many have converted to those Hari Krishna groups also.

Fact is for Sikhism to survive we have to be proactive in spreading Sikism not for any personal agendas or goals. Its actually a big part of Sikhsm to spread the religion. Guru Nanak traveled all over the world to spread the message so why cant we do this??

We need to do this all over the world and i agree if Sikhs started putting serious effort and probably some funding into it people would come to Sikhism as the average person on the street will be drawn to Sikhism then any other religion.

Basics of Sikhi is good but we need 1 good website on Sikhism specifically aimed at new Sikhs to guide them on how to practice the religion.

we need more the Basics of Sikhi. we need Sikhs in every major UK city from the aim of educating people on and bringing new people to Sikhism. There is nothing wrong with Bringing people to Sikhism Ie where our ancestors not converted by people who were doing missionary work??

In Islam they kind of make it up as they go along. Its well known that Black people are an easy race to convert due to their lack of identity and culture as a race which makes them more vulnerable.

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