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Rss Targets Rural Punjab

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AMRITSAR: Raising concern over reports that the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) plans to take shakhas in rural areas of Punjab, Congress deputy leader in the Lok Sabha and Amritsar MP Captain Amarinder Singh said that it would force Punjab back into the dark days of terrorism.

Talking to mediapersons here on Sunday, he said that with the RSS taking shakhas to villages, there were serious chances of communal disturbance. "I think it is a very dangerous move. They should not mobilize people on communal lines. I am afraid of disturbances and Punjab can go back to square one."

He said that the Congress party would tell people to beware of the designs of RSS as it doesn't want terrorism to resurface. "RSS shakhas will invite trouble even as we are still struggling to right past wrongs and the economy is in a shambles," he said, adding that it was a serious matter and even RSS leadership should reconsider it to maintain peace in state.

Talking about the growing distance between Akali Dal and BJP, he said that the Congress party was not bothered whether the alliance remains intact or breaks. "If the BJP thinks it can go alone, it can, but there is no denying the fact that for the past eight years, they have been partner in crime."


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    • It's OK to listen to Nitnem because otherwise if you were doing Nitnem in the Gurdwara and the Giani is reading off Nitnem, the rest of the Sangat is listening to the paath. No one would say the Sangat is failing in its duty to do Nitnem. Of course, you should pay attention to the paath. Also, you should read paath so you learn it before you start to just listen to it.
    • Don't be obtuse, man. The words of the programming language are maybe a dozen, two dozen, something like that. You can learn those by rote. What they are doing is not changing the words of the programming language, although there's no reason you couldn't do that. Microsoft did for its Office programming language. What they are talking about is this: You don't think that French people, when they are discussing programming, speak in French? Even though the words used in their programs are the original English terms. E.g., a language I just googled (Go): From Wiki: func (addr ipv4addr) ZeroBroadcast() bool { return addr == 0xFFFFFFFF That would remain the same, but you'd talk about it in Punjabi. Get it?
    • I don't know what you're saying by "break off". Do you mean fall off, as in disattach from the root? Comb you hair before you wash it. Most of the hair that would fall off will fall off before you wash it. Put the fallen off hair in a container and burn the hair later in a respectful manner (like fireplace, maybe). Then wash your hair.
    • What are you trying to say? That we Sikhs can eat food labeled "Halal" just because we're guessing that they probably didn't have time to prary the Muslim prayer on the meat?
    • To the OP, don't listen this "Gursikh". Who are you to say straight up won't hurt his rehat? Let me ask you a question: would carrying a heroin load "not affect his rehat"? If so, why?  Also, please tell us whether selling heroin to people would "hurt his rehat" or not.

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