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Hindu Right Rewriting Indian Textbooks

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Well it wouldn't surprise me , but I would look for confirmation in other source sites as this is an Aljazeera article , for balance . If India's future generations are going to be dragged back into believing fairy tales , we should push investment into our universities and schools Akal University is putting out donation pleas , we should support them so that OUR future generations can stand ahead of these confused people.

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Awesome! When is the next swan shaped chariot of flowers Air India jet coming out? I want to go for a ride!

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    • This forum is going down day by day great Sikhs like Mehtab Singh mohakam Singh  banda and rest of the great people use to be here all the time with best anwser they stop using forum the new jabronis in this forum with zero knowledge playing there drum 
    • If by 'white' you're referring to music and film moguls from a particular background and community, then yes I agree. 😅😀 The irony of it is that only a very small percentage of perceptive black people can see the deception being carried out in their name. Believe it or not, most "normal" blacks despise the thug / gangsta culture. We've fallen for this brainwashing if the discussions here are any indication. Most of them aren't coarse / sassy / aggressive / confrontational. You have to ask yourself why this particular image of the black race is pushed the most in the media we consume in the West. There's also the other side of it where there's attempts to emasculate the black male in entertainment. There's a running joke among black actors / entertainers that in order for a black actor to take that next step to stardom, he has to "wear a dress" or basically accept a role where he's either gay or effeminate, or literally wear a dress. Black people hate that nonsense as they feel both extremes reflect badly on them, but for these entertainers they either have to play the criminal or be gay in order to get anywhere in their careers.
    • The main reason why black and white marriages in the usa are accepted is one thing. RELIGION. Blacks by and large are christians in the usa. So whites see them as on of them. They have a similar white culture.  When they have marriage its in a church so they are both singing from the same hymn sheet. 
    • You see many blacks attack non blacks because they hate the fact that other races get along with each other. While they are seen as subhuman.  So they try and attack those people out of jealousy and insecurity.  Many blacks have an inferiority complex. They see themselves as less then non blacks.  Its leads them to become ostracized from communities. Hence why blacks are aeen as dangerous. They have no value for their lifes. 
    • The marriage rates between blacks and whites in the US was roughly similar until about 1965. Something clearly happened in the 60's. For all the civil rights, there seems to be a destruction of the black family. The families are headed by the women rather than the men. I think the blacks were used as guinea pigs for some social experiment which now is being spread into other races. 

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