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Horrors Of Milk Consumption - Premature Aging, Osteoporosis, Cancers And Heart Disease - Now Scientific Studies Confirm It


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Milk is still healthy thing to drink. Many researches will be proven wrong in 5 to 10 years. They might find fault with it now but later they will say that about something else etc.

Theres nothing healthy or unhealthy about milk. Its when you consume too much of the mass produced "milk". Its hardly milk. Cows are fed cr*p, laced with drugs to alter their hormones so they continue to produce larger quantities of milk for longer. You are what you eat as they say. The milk is only as good as what the cows are fed. On top of all that, we continue to ignore the suffering of the cows. The milk you buy from your supermarket almost certainly contains puss/blood from the cows udders. YUM! SO HEALTHY. Any mother will tell you how sensitive that area is after child birth. Now imagine giant vaccums mercilessly sucking every last drop. Joyful.

Cows produce milk for their calves. Period. Just like our mothers did for us. Imagine your baby being taken away from you shortly after birth. Sounds nice right?! Anyone who has been around cows will know of their gentle, caring, loving nature. They mourn the death and even the seperation of close ones. They shed tears! They are without doubt one of, if not theee most beautiful animals ever!

These are bare facts my friends. No sciency cr*p. The governments will continue to feed us the usual BS about dairy products (and everything else) because it suits them. Financially of course. The US dairy industry is estimated at $140billion in economic output and has created over 900,000 jobs. Happy days!

If you're genuinly concerned for the welware of these animals, or your own health even, have a read of the articles. Read the basic facts. Ignore the scientific research if you dont understand it. Simple.

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