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Horrors Of Milk Consumption - Premature Aging, Osteoporosis, Cancers And Heart Disease - Now Scientific Studies Confirm It

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Ohhh the ignorance...If preventing a mother from nurturing her child and stealing milk from a baby isnt the epitome of cruelty, i dont know what is.

And we forget the suffering the cows endure because of us. Its plain disgusting. The whole diary industry. Its said that a glass of milk causes more suffering than a steak! Time to question our vegeta

I don't see any problem with milk it just needs to come from a good cared for cow.

Milk is still healthy thing to drink. Many researches will be proven wrong in 5 to 10 years. They might find fault with it now but later they will say that about something else etc.

Theres nothing healthy or unhealthy about milk. Its when you consume too much of the mass produced "milk". Its hardly milk. Cows are fed cr*p, laced with drugs to alter their hormones so they continue to produce larger quantities of milk for longer. You are what you eat as they say. The milk is only as good as what the cows are fed. On top of all that, we continue to ignore the suffering of the cows. The milk you buy from your supermarket almost certainly contains puss/blood from the cows udders. YUM! SO HEALTHY. Any mother will tell you how sensitive that area is after child birth. Now imagine giant vaccums mercilessly sucking every last drop. Joyful.

Cows produce milk for their calves. Period. Just like our mothers did for us. Imagine your baby being taken away from you shortly after birth. Sounds nice right?! Anyone who has been around cows will know of their gentle, caring, loving nature. They mourn the death and even the seperation of close ones. They shed tears! They are without doubt one of, if not theee most beautiful animals ever!

These are bare facts my friends. No sciency cr*p. The governments will continue to feed us the usual BS about dairy products (and everything else) because it suits them. Financially of course. The US dairy industry is estimated at $140billion in economic output and has created over 900,000 jobs. Happy days!

If you're genuinly concerned for the welware of these animals, or your own health even, have a read of the articles. Read the basic facts. Ignore the scientific research if you dont understand it. Simple.

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A high intake of milk might, however, have undesirable effects, because milk is the main dietary source of D-galactose. Experimental evidence in several animal species indicates that chronic exposure to D-galactose is deleterious to health and the addition of D-galactose by injections or in the diet is an established animal model of aging.[4-7] Even a low dose of D-galactose induces changes that resemble natural aging in animals, including shortened life span caused by oxidative stress damage, chronic inflammation, neurodegeneration, decreased immune response, and gene transcriptional changes.[5,7]A subcutaneous dose of 100 mg/kg D-galactose accelerates senescence in mice.[5] This is equivalent to 6-10 g in humans, corresponding to 1-2 glasses of milk. Based on a concentration of lactose in cow's milk of approximately 5%, one glass of milk comprises about 5 g of D-galactose. The increase of oxidative stress with aging and chronic low grade inflammation is not only a pathogenetic mechanism of cardiovascular disease and cancer in humans[8,9] but also a mechanism of age related bone loss and sarcopenia.[9,10] The high amount of lactose and therefore D-galactose in milk with theoretical influences on processes such as oxidative stress and inflammation makes the recommendations to increase milk intake for prevention of fractures a conceivable contradiction.

Thanks panthicunity for sharing this , thanks for telling us about this

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Gurus drank milk in a day and age when there were not enough calories to go around .

In today's world there is no need for stealing breast milk that cow intended to be for its calf.

I am a vegan for 2 years and have lost 40 lbs of weight have better sleep, more energy, better mood and feel like I have hit a health jackpot.

Also my cholesterol and blood pressure have both dropped . My LDL is 67 which is ridiculously low.

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i do agree to stop milk from an industry but get milk from local dudh wala

Even in India there is an excessive use of oxytocin to maximize milk production -which btw is extremely painful for the animal and not to mention very detrimental to human health.


From the article -

"“Medical experts have pointed out that use of the drug can cause hormonal imbalance in humans and harm the reproductive system of animals, reducing their lifespan. Due to hormonal imbalances created by exogenous source of hormones like oxytocin in milk and dairy products, the age at which girls attain menarche has come down drastically from 16 years of age to 10 years of age. Boys have been diagnosed with gynaecomastia (breast enlargement),” says Dr. Parminder Singh, Endocrinologist, Ludhiana, as quoted in the MiD DAY report of their expose of illegal Oxytocin use (2013)."

Also no other animal in nature drinks another species' breast milk , also no animal drinks even their own mother's milk after being weaned.

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