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An Interesting Facts About 3 Fake Babas

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Taken from Facebook(Kamaljeet Singh Shaheedsar)

An interesting fact -

One Baba - Asaram Bapu - is accused of sexual molestation of a girl - He is Hindu, has a vast following going in Millions, many political leaders are his devotees - STILL HE IS IN JAIL from last 14 Months.

Another Baba - Rampal - is accused of ''contempt of court'' and is facing police action. He will be arrested and put in jail for a long time OR will get killed if he continues the resistance. He is also Hindu, a Kabirpanthi.
Thousands of Police are out there to take him out. He has been labelled a Criminal.

Now there is a THIRD BABA also - Gurmit Ram Rahim - who is facing charges of MURDER, RAPE, SEXUAL MOLESTATION, CRIMINAL INTIMIDATION, HURTING RELIGIOUS SENTIMENTS and more.
However, This BABA has not been arrested or jailed ...... Infact present PM of India Narendra Modi had some very good words for him during election campaign in Haryana. More than 30 MLA's of Haryana Govt. visited his Dera recently to THANK HIM for his support in elections.
HE HAS Z+security provided by Centre Government and enjoys favour of every govt/agency/media...... He is neither Hindu nor a Sikh.

SO why is this difference between 3 different Babas?
Answer - 3rd one is specially programmed and promoted to hurt Sikh Panth and is a sworn enemy of Sikhs. Diverting Sikhs from Path of Sikhi is his Mission No. 1- Hence the Special treatment from Governments of Centre and States.

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