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    • Religiously-minded guys with very little worldly exposure get done for big time in these types of situations. On one hand it's admirable how they wish to retain their purity of spirit, lol, by seeing the good in everyone, but when the deception is so strong that they're convinced the demon is an angel, that's when people get hurt. Deceiving these types of guys, to my mind, is a sin. They're genuinely decent souls who are being introduced to a world of pain they never asked for.  There's also another subgroup populated by braggarts who think they can make a housewife out of a you-know-who, and they're willing to take the rough with the smooth because the goods are, from a certain perspective, just too good to pass up. Even the top men in this subgroup are eventually brought to their knees by these particular types of girls. The resources and mental energy it takes to keep these types of women interested is what sends these men to an early grave, lol. Only criminals and psychopaths can deal with a woman of a certain mentality. I wouldn't want to say what that suggests about the woman who can only be reined in by men like that.
    • That's naughty. It was a reaction to long term and deeply embedded casteist based opportunity giving and nepotism that forced reservations. The people who may now benefit from reservations were exactly the people who were suffering from being locked out of opportunities for millennia.  If the people who are now complaining were more meritocratic, there wouldn't have been such a strong need for reservations. But people rarely ever give up power and resources willingly for egalitarian purposes. That's the truth.  And I think it says a lot that just a relatively short period of not having a system that entirely resolves around your own needs and advantages, is enough to bring certain people to their knees.     
    • This human zoo stuff is 100-150 years old. I thought europeans had evolved by this time and had started to respect human rights and dignity.
    • I've met a lot of these types on building jobs over the years - there is no brain drain like you are suggesting.  
    • I know, it's just like a running joke between me and some pals.  I like using outdated terminology for a joke sometimes, and to make writing more interesting.  Chicks dig it! 
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