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Sri Guru Ram Dass Jee International Airport Customs Clearance

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Sorry not Sikhi related but don't know who else to ask. My cousin is taking some electrical goods to India, and they had been ordered online so came with no paperwork. Do they ask to see receipts? Would customs want to see receipts or is it possible to show them the email receipt printed off?

I guess only new untampered with big items are allowed, and not old repacked?

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I don't think they will want to see receipts. They may pull you over and ask questions if the electrical items are staying in India or will you be bringing items back with you....

If you give them around £5 to £10 they may let you through no questions asked lol

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Tv n few small items. We know somebody that took over few TVs laptops quite few things, must have been charged loads. Some people say to get them there as they are same price or cheaper. Think it's 33% or something they charge but want to make sure.

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