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Do We Have Free Will Or Not?

Guest Gandalf

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Guest Gandalf

In Gurbani it is written that everything that happens is God's hukam.so if a person does something bad to another person then why we get punised.i mean he can't do it if god didn't want it to happen.In short if everything that happens is god's will then why we are to be punished.

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Guest Satnaam

We do have free will- if u have a choice to slander somebody or be kind to them and u choose the latter, you'll get it back in karma.

God respects our choices- He doesnt judge us(Unconditional love) but we sow what we reap in the khel so we all get what we deserve.

Hukam is us getting what we deserve on behalf of our deeds.

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We are free regardless, we just need to realise it. When we practice truth, we resonate at the truth frequency. Its the frequency of our true state- of Nothing and beyond.

Its beyond image, beyond form, beyond the illusion. So really, we are always free.

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This tuk spoke of in the video is not kept in context of the whole pauri as being explained in the video.

The names and the colors of the assorted species of beings were all inscribed by the Ever-flowing Pen of God. ang 3

Guru Sahib is speaking of how some people say they can write down everything or say everything God has created, but Guru Sahib says this in the following lines.

Who knows how to write this account? Just imagine what a huge scroll it would take! ang 3

I wish the Singh in the video would not randomly pick tuks of Gurbani and wrap his views around them. Gurbani says many times God controls everything and causes everything. The sakhi in the video is misunderstood by the Singh in the video.

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Frankly speaking, to escape from this world´s entanglements we have no free will, or just to say we have a very limted free will .

Let us elaborate it a little bit an see it from a rational perspective.

First of all, all our relations, our mental or emotional states are all karmic adjustments.

Eye for eye and tooth for tooth. Nothing goes in waste ..... nothing is free .

So if our present state is due to our past karmas, and our future is based on our karmas in this present birth/body + our reserve karmas in the causal plane, we can surely agree we have no such free will.

But by His Grace, we have another type of free will, which do not engage us with anything of the perishable creation.

Because if we exercise that free will of ours, we will surely be freed from the mayavee creation, to the plane which is eternal and changeless.

We are here due to our karmas and unsatisfied desires, but we can reverse this situation.

In the mayavee creation, any karma we do, we have to pay taxes(benefits) to the landlord of that creation, who is none other than Dharam Rai.

Wahiguru has entrusted him the administration of the lower creation, and told him, to not block the road, nor tax by any means, to those who want to sincerely return back to Him.

Now let us have a look in our horizons and ask ourselves, is there anything her in this world which I can do, and which does come under the tax law of karma to be paid to Dharam Rai?

Surely we shall not find anything as such, no shubh karmas, no rituals, no fastings no pilgrimages, no bathings..... nothing of that sort...

Then naturally the question arises, so what is that which can be done with free will in order to gain true freedom?

The answer to this is : His Simran.


Well, by His Simran we do not incurr in any karma as such, then we are doing the bhakti who is truly the only free Supreme Being, and third, by His Simran, we unfold the Nam or Shabad within us, thus we board the vehicle of Naam and reach our True Nujh Ghar Sach Khand.

That is why the Bani says: Nanak Naam jahaz hae, chareh, so utare paar.

The Bani is very simple and clear, it is we manmukhs who have polluted and totally made a mess with the pure paviter Bani of our Beloved Guru Sahibans.

Sat Sree Akal.

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