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For The First Time, Nz Sikhs Participate In Santa Parade In Christchurch

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Christchurch – On 7th December, Sikh Community got together and organised a parade as part of the 67th annual Santa Parade in Christchurch for the first time.

The community people felt that it was a great opportunity for Sikhs to be involved in such an event to widen their identity. The community had a great fun with so many other multicultural communities participating in the event as well.

The community participating in Christchurch santa parade 2014 cheared while raising salogans, jakaras and wishing marry Christmas to the fellow New Zealanders.

The parade was led by five Singhs who represented the collective leadership of Sikh community in all fields. All the efforts were made by the Sikh Youth. There was no involvement of any Gurdwara committee and the community was thankful to their fellow brothers and sisters who helped and did participate in the Parade.

Each year the parade gets bigger and brighter as both children and adults (over 120,000 people) line up the streets to watch the spectacular parade, their favourite cartoon characters, animals, clowns, marching bands, dancing fairies, celebrities and so much more.


This was the first time the Sikh community in Christchurch has done something like this and they hope to continue this every year making the parade bigger and better.

It was a proud moment for us all, proud to be Sikhs and proud to be promoting our country.

Source: http://singhstation.net/2014/12/first-time-nz-sikhs-participate-santa-parade-christchurch/

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Do we have any members from New Zealand here? Oh just remembered I know of one JSinghnz who always asks people in UK what they have done about issues. just recently about discussions on BBC Asian Network and asking members about participating in debates or what else they did. Well Singh you have a chance to shine, to do something practical as in the Christmas tree thread you are against Sikhs celebrating Christmas by having a tree and buying the kids presents. But look at this Sikhs in NZ in the Christmas parade wishing merry Christmas and also doing jaikareh! Singh please keep us posted with the results of the action you took to educate theses guys, I hope there kids don't end up messed up and confused marrying non Sikhs.

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Not much information about this event so i don't refer to it in particular, but there seem to be many bizarre intercultural efforts of punjabis (sikhs?) that seem to be rooted in intercultural understanding from decades ago, twilight Zone, North Korea, or ghandis respect for races. In 2014 our collective concept of race is stuck in the 30s and it shows.

As a collective, our presence is literate in 0.5 cultures and we like to raise or voices as if we understand 10. Makes for bizarre asthetics.Sikhi courage has been hijacked by a culture of bull in a China shop.

I long for 1699, where sword sharpening included the intellect and soul for literate fearless poet warriors who had art in their every step and a heart for all humanity void of hypocrisy.

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