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Where Will The Kids Go To Learn Stuff ? - Benti To Admin


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Can I please make a humble request to the Admins: When you decide to completely delete a thread as if it doesn't exist can you please bear in mind what great things are on that thread and how much the sangat can learn from it, before making your decision to delete it ?

Its happened many times here but the most recent one is the 'First Sikh Temple in the UK' thread. That thread was jam=packed with fantastic historical facts. I really don't understnd why facts would want to be hidden from the sangat, especially the children because this is where they would come to learn things.

Within that thread there was no swearing, no name calling, no castism (apart from the original thread starter).....It was jam=packed with brilliant historical detail. Why on earth would you want brilliant history hidden from people ?

This was OUR history....and its a wonderfull history and surely the actions of the taliban in 1990's Afghanistan, where they tried to keep history and knowledge hidden from the people, is reason enough for us not to go down that same route.

So please Admins, if you could please re-read that thread you deleted and sit down and think to yourself "Is there actually anything offensive beiing said on here.....or is it just these facts that I want to keep hidden from people". I say this because this second route is a very very dangerous route for our community to go down. It willl spawn 2 or 3 generations of Sikhs scared of learning and knowlede and history and will then take another 2 or 3 generations to rectify that mistake.

Please reread that thread, and see what wonderfull history there was on there. Should it really be kept hidden from the Sikh readers of this forum ?

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