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Antim Yatra ------ Bharmgiyani Baba Ajit Singh Ji Hansali -- Watch N Share

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    • Amritsar 1905   Banyan tree's    Banyan trees look so ancient    iv seen one near our pind       Nankana Sahib 1922     Panja Sahib 1932   Original Qila at Anandpur sahib     Qila Anandgarh Sahib,  does that mean that the big red building Qila Anandgarh is not the original Qila? that u see at Anandpur Sahib?   1945     Shes beautiful!! 
    • This was common in the older saroops, however when SGPC standardised SGGS in the 1940s they chose to omit this from the new standard.
    • He got his comeuppence. He was tried and hanged as a traitor shortly by the east india company terrorists after the 1st anglo/sikh war.
    • Sikh woman 1870s The description with the photo is: "Just about the only place where Sikh women were visible to European eyes was the metropolitan city of Amritsar. Descriptions abound of the dress of Sikh women as being of the classic Punjabi kind – bright, colourful and garnished with plenty of jewellery. This traditional ensemble is evident in this full-length study of a Sikh lady. The chunni headscarf was worn at all times over the head as it was considered indecent to appear in public without it. This was worn with a loose kurta or long dress and an ample pair of churidar pyjama trousers tight at the ankles (although some women preferred to wear a petticoat instead). Punjabi women were particularly fond of jewellery, and a variety of ornaments made by highly skilled craftsmen were often worn from head to toe. Our subject wears bale earrings, a mala necklace and stacks of chure bangles that cover her forearms"   Sikh women covered their heads with a chunni at all times because it was considered indecent to be without your head covered. imagine if these bibian of the past saw the "sikh" women of today! It would be a bit of a shocker wouldn't it!    they've got a lot more than just their heads uncovered these days!    
    • Gurmat Gian college of which indar ghagga is principal.   Not really.  There are some threads about him on this site/sikhawareness. Search them.   Any in particular? When I first heard dhunda, it was to do with that kamli kalesh, and I thought he was a good parcharak because he was talking about the Panth and such but when i heard his other stuff about gurmat, i was quite surprised at his views. The guy is a cretin.
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