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~ Bhagat Puran Singh ~ Eh Janam Tumhare Lekhe

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When pope francis does something for the camera, the whole world starts to go crazy and praise him to no end. While we Sikhs have many Saints who largely go unnoticed because they don't do anything fo

SORRY :::::::::::::SPOILER ALERT ::::::::::: I got taken back watching initially then relaxed when I saw what played out ... During partition he brings the guy over as his father as that aadmi cal

Premiere is on Wednesday Night in Wolverhampton

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I have seen him many times for years when i was small kid. Sadly his simplicity is not anymore in the management of pinglewara today. He is one amazing soul and actually my role model.

Wow u were so lucky paji, to meet an amazing Saint, also my inspiration.

Paji InderjitS lovely shabad ji.

Johnny101 Hanji paji we don't know enough about our beautiful Sikhi and the great souls that did so much for humanity. This is th way to educate the ourselves and our future generations and the world.

Thankuji for ur kind words.

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When pope francis does something for the camera, the whole world starts to go crazy and praise him to no end. While we Sikhs have many Saints who largely go unnoticed because they don't do anything for the camera. it is always nishkaam seva for them. Bhagat Pooran Singh Jee is one such Saint we can all look up to. Sikhs have had so many great Saints. I hope this movie is a huge success and this success will then encourage more directors to make inspiring movies on the amazing jeevans of Sikh saints.

He's a leader to 2 billion Christians that's why. Sikhs have many yes, but we're too greedy and mammon addicted to invest our money into film that show these saints etc.

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well waheguru ne kirpa kita si last night and blessed me with my husband's company to watch the last showing despite my father-in-law and sister-in-law being at home and showing no inclination to join us . The opening of the movie was really well matched to the gurshabad selected pity they didn't complete the shabad , (I felt like this all through film as they were so good atmospheric renditions ) Bhagat ji is shown in his later years flashbacking to his childhood and major points in his life this method work well but if I didn't know he was born in a hindu pariwar I would have been thrown by his mother being referred to as Mehtab Kaur. It is clear from the very start that his main champion and teacher was his mother then when she decided to bring him to Gurdwara Sahib Guru ji. I agree it would have been really interesting to see his transformation from Hindu youth to Sikh man , shame we still have so much interference in showing the truth on screen. I welled up a few times both in the story of unna manni and also some of the shabads . As the story drew to a close it was a bit of an eye-opener at seeing Bhagat ji's real-life pictures and videos in the credits , from the film one gets the impression that Pyare was a lot younger when Bhagat ji travelled to apna ghar but it is clear that Pyare was a lot older .All in all I would say the film gave a good flavour of this wonderful Gursikh's bhagti,sewa, heart, and soul yet left you in a state of wonder and curiosity to find out more. As the film ended at 02:00 my head and heart was left with bani singing for hours a blessing indeed.

My husband admitted it wasn't his choice of film but he too was appreciative of Bhagat ji's environmental stance and nishkam sewa. He was very intensely engaged when Bhagat ji protects a mentally retarded girl from her kidnapper and later when one of the adoptees of pingalwara is bullied by ordinary students and their teacher. So there was something there for people who are not aware of Bhagat ji's life.

on my wishlist would be full videos of the gurbani shabads with subtitles in multiple languages to be released as a seperate DVD for those interested via exposure to the film

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Thankuji GSingh12345 paji good to see it inspires you.

Jkvlondon penji wow nice big review. Hanji the shabads are awesome. Sounds very soul touching. I cried just watching the end bit of trailer where he says "apne school de register ch pakke thorh te liklo - Bhagat Puran Singh", so God knows how many tissues will need for the movie. Thankuji for ur reviews lovely.

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Text of the letter mentioned in the post by Shastar Singh( Post # 27 above )

Text of the letter written by Bhagat Puran Singh Jee's to the Indian Government renouncing the honour of Padam Shree (the fourth highest civilian award in India, awarded by the government) after the Indian Army’s attack on Darbar Sahib (Golden Temple)- so called the Operation Blue Star)


Source: https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=402989403063059&id=192275487467786




The President of India,
Rashtrpati Bhavan,

Subject: Return of the award of Padam Shree against the in-human army action at Sri Darbar Sahib Sri Amritsar.

Shriman ji,

Sending the armed forces into Sri Darbar Sahib for military action has already produced countless painful results. As a result of this army action the Sikh world has been deeply hurt. You have seen how painful has been the effect of this army action on the Darshani Deodhi and the building of Sri Akal Takhat. Army has perpetrated acts, which you could not have known. Up to September 9, 1984, I have been investigating what I have heard from the people. I have exercised much restraint and have not rushed to conclusions. I will relate some of the happenings (that I have investigated).

1. Army-men arrested a scripture reader of Sri Darbar Sahib along with his family. The entire family was not given either food or water for the whole day. Rifle butts were administered on the scripture reader’s hands the whole day. Another scripture reader of the shrine was given the same treatment until his hands were swollen.

2. The sangat in Darbar Sahib complex consisting of women, men and children has been fired upon (and killed) as the mosquitoes are wiped out with poisonous spray.

3. The pilgrims who had been arrested in Sri Darbar Sahib and Teja Singh Samundari Hall around 12 noon on Tuesday were given water by the Sikh army-men after thirty hours on Wednesday. The children’s eyes were popping out with thirst and their mothers tried to moist their lips with sweat. When some women asked for water for the children the army-men told them that the children would grow up and kill the army-men so why should they be given water? On Tuesday the small quantity of water that was given to the children had cigarettes thrown into it. They were told that this is the prasad of their Guru. Army-men smoked cigarettes in Teja Singh Samundari Hall and kept on blowing the smoke at the Sikhs. The treatment meted out to the Sikhs in the name of army action has deeply hurt the feelings of the Sikh world. Hands of the young pilgrims, arrested from Darbar Sahib, were tied with their turbans, their hair were untied and used to cover their eyes with. They were forced to kneel down on the hot marble floor and to walk around on their knees. Hands of the boys were tied behind them and they were shot through their foreheads.

On the first of June 1984 the CRPF had commenced firing on Sri Darbar Sahib Amritsar. On the first of June before the arrival of the army, the CRPF had killed a scripture reader in attendance upon Guru Granth Sahib and the volume itself was shot at. After it was all over, the Sikh Reference Library and the Sikh Museum were set on fire out of enmity and in pursuance of predetermined action. On June 3, 1984, two Sikhs wearing yellow turbans and kirpans got off at Batala bus stand. They were asked by the army-men to take off their turbans. On their refusal to do so they were both shot dead. Another Nihang was shot at and killed near Gumtala jail because he had refused to surrender his kirpan. One Sikh in proper Sikh dress was standing on the roof of his house in an area of Amritsar called Kittas. Army-men killed him because he was wearing a yellow turban.

On the third of July a black turbaned and kirpan-wearing young Sikh of about 25 years of age was walking past the Kitchlew traffic island. The army arrived, handcuffed and arrested him although nothing incriminating was found on his person. When army-men went to arrest the President of the Shiromani Gurdwara Prabandhak Committee Sardar Gurcharan Singh Tohra from Teja Singh Samundari Hall, one of them was smoking a cigarette. When Sardar Tohra asked him not to smoke (in the holy precincts), his reply was, “shut up old-man or I will shoot you dead. Tohra said ‘I am the President of this place’ upon which the army-men became quiet.

Temple servants of Sri Darbar Sahib Mukatsar, were made to lie face downwards in the circumambulatory path around the sacred tank and beaten mercilessly. As a result of this one of them died. All those boys who had taken amrit were pulled out of their homes in the villages and were beaten severely.

I am compelled to observe that the army has displayed bankruptcy of character and has acted with hearts full of enmity and in a manner indicating that it wanted to wipe out the Sikhs. Young-men from villages have been troubled much after the army action. Apart from the truth depicted above, I have received information about such shameful incidents, to mention which is to violate the cultural norms.

After hearing of and seeing such happenings, I reject and return to you the award of Padam Shree conferred upon me.

Puran Singh Bhagat

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    • Your first paragraph, fair enough Second para - what I mean is, do you think black people in the UK feel solidarity with south Asians and other immigrants ?
    • Sad stories, but I'm not surprised, these vehicles look dangerous if anyone is hit by them or if the driver has a collision also https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/jun/19/paris-police-search-for-two-e-scooter-riders-after-pedestrian-killed The ObserverParis     Paris police search for two e-scooter riders after pedestrian killed Italian woman walking along Seine suffered head injury after collision with two women on electric scooter   Thousands of e-scooters were introduced to Paris in 2018. Photograph: Sarah Meyssonnier/Reuters Police are searching for two women after a pedestrian who was hit by an electric scooter while walking in Paris died. The victim, a 31-year-old Italian named only as Miriam, had been in a coma since she was hit by the e-scooter, which was reportedly travelling at speed, while she walked along the Seine in the early hours of Monday.   Divers from the river police, who were patrolling the area, gave emergency treatment to the victim, who suffered a cardiac arrest after hitting her head on the pavement, until an ambulance arrived. They restarted her heart after 30 minutes and she was taken unconscious to hospital, where she died on Wednesday. CCTV in the area is also being examined. The death has rekindled controversy about the place of e-scooters in the French capital. Though hailed as an ecological means of urban transport and a welcome alternative to motorised vehicles, others have claimed they pose a risk to pedestrians, particularly as they are often used on pavements. It also came as London embarked on a 12-month trial of electric scooters on 7 June, after pilot schemes in more than 40 towns and cities across the UK in advance of a government decision whether to legalise them on UK roads. About 70 people are believed to have been injured since the trials were launched last year. Privately owned e-scooters are illegal to use on public roads, cycle lanes and pavements, but those rented in trial areas can be used on roads and cycle lanes. A scheme operated by the Swedish firm Voi in Coventry was paused after five days because of people riding in pedestrianised areas. There are three licensed private operators in Paris offering about 15,000 electric scooters, introduced to the city in 2018. David Belliard, a deputy Paris mayor responsible for transport in the city, expressed his condolences to family and friends of the dead woman, originally from Capalbio in Tuscany, who worked in an Italian restaurant. “The safety of the most vulnerable, that’s to say pedestrians, is one of my priorities,” he said, and called on the two riders to come forward. Police in Balaruc-les-Bains in the Hérault region stopped a man riding at 98km/h (61mph) on an electric scooter in May.   https://uk.yahoo.com/news/shakur-pinnock-e-scooter-rider-013800906.html Shakur Pinnock: E-scooter rider dies in hospital - six days after being critically injured in collision with a car A 20-year-old man whose e-scooter was involved in a crash with a car has died in hospital. Shakur Pinnock was critically injured following the collision in Wolverhampton on 12 June. He suffered a fractured skull, severed arteries, punctured lungs and a broken jaw - and was placed on a life support machine while in an induced coma. His 19-year-old girlfriend, who was a passenger on the e-scooter when it collided with a VW Golf, was seriously injured. On Facebook, Shakur's mother Celine said he "succumbed to his injuries" and passed away at 3.48pm on Friday. "I miss you so much my beautiful, gorgeous baby," she added. University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust has extended its deepest condolences to Shakur's family and loved ones. Following the crash, West Midlands Police conducted house-to-house enquiries and examined CCTV from the local area. Detectives have appealed for anyone who saw what happened to contact them.  
    • 🙏🏽 Sangatji what's everyones views on taking Maharaj to and from the Gurdwara to a paath at someones house? And what's the correct  Marayada? I've always understood Maharaj needs to be accompanied by 5 Amritdhari Singhs at all times with and Ardas before leaving and then again when returning at the Gurdwara and same for arriving and leaving the destination.  However, sadly, it seems some ppl have become relaxed about this and I've heard ppl mention they have seen instances of only 3 or 4 singhs, or even just only 2 taking Maharaj.  If anyone can share the correct protocol/marayada that would be great aswell. Seems like awareness is needed around this issue.  
    • They are all in it together. That's how they make it a culture, hence 'systemic'. The football fan types just articulate what the more clever, devious types up top believe and promote on the sly. The working class guys express their thoughts openly. So whilst a racist manager/director might deviously make an ethnic's life difficult at work through selectively handing him/her the most difficult work, and set them up to fail. The lower end ar5eholes will be the ones who will be implementing this plan and directly creating a toxic environment for the targeted people.  And they routinely turn a blind eye to racism, even if they don't actively participate. Explaining it away as 'banter'.  
    • I don't think you have any independent thoughts. You just seem to parrot what a racist white boy would want you to say, to the point of even adopting their lexicon to frame your 'arguments', like you are one of their chumchay spokesmen. I mean this seriously, not trying to offend you. What you're doing is like what Priti Patel does, but on a lower level.  I don't get what you are saying here? 
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