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    • Did you guys seen on Vaisakhi, apne all over social media were sharing posts about it being Vaisakhi, Raman dam, and Navratri, on same day and how beautiful unity it is and rainbows and sunshine...yet NO other communities from Hindus to Muslim were posting about it ...only expect from our lot
    • I'm sure the Muslim call to prayer has a religious purpose, but in India it was basically a proclamation of Islamic superiority. The Sikh Misals were quite harsh towards Muslims especially the Bhangis, they had the Muslim call to prayer banned, as in those days it was a symbol of Muslim superiority over Indian kafirs.  The perfect example is the Qutab Minar complex in Delhi. I've been there and its miles and miles of destroyed Hindu and Jain temples. Just ruins of pillars, arches, walls, statues. Right in the center is the Qutab Minar, tallest brick building in the world, where the qazi screamed the call to prayer from. The minar is made out of the destroyed Hindu and Jain temples scattered around it. Destroying the temples of the indigenous people and building an Islamic structure right in the center, tallest brick building in the world, where they scream their prayer from, it was a symbolic way of telling the kafirs who the boss is.  Right on top of the minar was a crown like structure. If I remember the information on the tourist boards correctly, when the British invaded Delhi they decided to remove the crown like structure from the minar, symbolising that they are the new power in Delhi, not their Muslim predecessors.  Its the reason why the Sikh mislas banned it in Lahore.  Sikhs today have forgotten that...    In fact today Sikhs themselves are helping Christians and Muslims build Churches and Mosques in the villages, where only the Gurdwara/Guru Granth Sahib ji should have religious authority.   
    • That's quite true. I've seen people who do sinful things in their private lives, adultery, fornication etc regularly doing sewa in the langar hall.   There's a nihang Singh who comes to my local gurdwara and I've never seen him eat langar there. He has his own bata and drinks water from it in the langar hall, never seen him eat anything.  Most people have skeletons in the closet, but i never understood how some people can be in adulterous relationships and at the same time do sewa in the langar hall everyday 🤔 I understand if someone decides to change and move on and dedicates their time doing sewa. But living a sinful life and then doing sewa everyday just doesn't make sense....   No offense to anyone but I think some bibiyan do sewa just for time pass! 
    • Ya i saw that...that was really really cringe...and sad Like who signs them off .....
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