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What To Do About My Beard? It Doesn't Look Good.

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I think your beard style is much better than mine. I wiuld say that you should use oil on your bear before taking shower. I wont recommend anything anything else.

I agree with veer ji it seems a bit dry and thus stiffer , try argan oil it's light but very nourishing for the hair
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just love it! what a blessing it is! thats a great beard if you ask me.
heres some advice anyway... soak fennugreek seeds overnight, strain them and blend into a paste maybe with some curry leaves, simmer that in some coconut oil. apply to hair/beard. let it sit for a couplehours or overnight.
ive been using almond oil every morning before isnaan and my beard started to thicken and grow much faster.

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Guest happytohelp

Aesthetically speaking it looks great. Hair is hair, be not unhappy about the appearence. It will further fill out over time.

From purely a health perspective, if you are concerned about the hair being thin and lacking shine, I can't really comment based on these photos, I would have to see in person, but it does look a little thin and dull. This could be an indication of poor diet (vitamin and protein deficiences can show first in hair before any other obvious problems occur), lack of exercise and sub-optimal hair-care.

For any hair that falls off, pull it apart and see how easily it breaks. There should be a marginal stretchiness. Is there any hair loss? Is the skin beneath the beard flaking, sore or itchy? Look closely at the fallen beard hair to see whether the root end is very thin (small than the width of the hair). What is the state of the hair on your head? Do you have any hair loss? Is it healthy?

Are you getting a balanced and nutritional diet with sufficient exercise? What are you using to wash your hair and how often? No harm upping the protein and other relevant nurtients- since growing hair requires additional nutritions in the body, you may not have realised that you may need to change your diet in order to be able to grow hair optimally. Use a good qality multi vitamin tablet if required. Also too much washing with a harsh soap or one that does not suit you can lead to dry, coarse and dull beard hair. I personally find it best to use only a mild soap on fingertips to exfoliate the skin beneath the beard, rather than applying any soap onto the beard itself. Wash the hair ocassionally only and after doing so, try few drops of almond oil (whilst still damp). See which oil suits your hair best through experimenting. You may need to use different oil from your head hair. I also suggest avoiding using any combs or brushes and rather only very gently using your fingers to comb. Also what is your climate? There can be seasonal variations depending on humidity etc.

Personally, I've seen my beard transform from thick and glossy to thin and wiry within weeks following a period of poor diet/exercise or by using products that don't suit. But within days it can be retransformed back into healthy hair. Hair is a living part of your body. It needs care and attention. However once you find what suits you and discover what type of hair is natural for your body type/genetics then it becomes second nature.

Hope this helps. Reply with questions asked above.

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The beards fine. In fact its more than fine.

Judging by the photos, I'd be more concerned about the face. It doesn't seem to exist. i.e. I couldn't help noticing you have no nose, eyes, ears or indeed any of the traditional components of a face. All the more reason, I feel, to be thankful for having what I see as a damn fine beard.


im crine hahaha

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Hi , I agree your beard looks pretty good. I apply oil at night then wash out in the morning. I used to use almond oil but found this a bit heavy. Now using Happy Beard Oil. Lighter and fresher fragrance. I think you can get it on amazon cheapest.

Diet is important. Nothing beats good old milk.

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Who said you that your dara doesn't look nice!!!! it looks awesome especially as prakashed in pictures... just use coconut oil in the morning while in shower and your hairs will be soft and smooth...

Another thing to think is that this dara is blessing of Guru Gobind Singh ji and have it with pride...

Hope it helps


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