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Urgent Appeal To Help End Vikram Singh Dhanaula’S Hunger Strike

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Bhai Baldeep Singh (AAP) Visits Vikram Singh Dhanaula at Jantar Mantar

By Sikh24 Editors / In India, WORLD /

February 12, 2015

Site of Vikram Singh’s hunger strike campaign at Jantar Mantar. Picture Coutesy: Bhai Baldeep Singh

NEW DELHI (February 12, 2015)—Bhai Baldeep Singh, a renowned Gurmat sangeet musician, as well as the Aam Aadmi Party member from Khadoor Sahib visited Vikram Singh Dhanaula yesterday. While the entire city of New Delhi, and the entire country was celebrating the victory of AAP, Bhai Baldeep Singh had received a message about Vikram Singh’s deteriorating health. In a message shared on his Facebook account, Bhai Baldeep Singh stated that he will not celebrate until the 1984 Sikh genocide culprits are brought to justice.

Bhai Baldeep Singh is one of the first politicians from any political affiliation to have paid Vikram Singh a visit. He called onto others to join the campaign started by Vikram Singh at Jantar Mantar. He mentioned the need to establish a SIT to investigate cases related to the 1984 genocide of the Sikhs.

kejriwal_1984.jpgIt should be remembered that during the December 2013 elections in New Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal had promised to take forward the long pending cases against various 1984 instigators. He had also established a special court for these cases, however he was soon forced to resign and Central Government did not take forward Kejriwal’s initiatives.

Following is the complete message posted by Bhai Baldeep Singh -

Vikram Singh Dhanaula on indefinite hunger-strike:

I was just about beginning to celebrate Aam Aadmi Party’s historic victory in the 2015 Delhi Assembly elections when I got a message that the health of Vikram Singh Dhanaula has deteriorated. His hunger strike, to seek justice for the victims of 1984 genocide against the Sikhs, has now entered third month.

I spoke to a few fellow Gur-Sikh volunteers and we visited him last night. We discussed the matter and I assured him that until the Sikh community has not had had the guilty punished, we have no reason to celebrate. I told him that I am with him and that I will do all that I can within my finite and feeble might (so he can end his fast). I have told him that Punjab needs his kind of dedicated soldiers so it (Punjab) is able to stand back up on its feet, regain its lost glory and place as a responsible contributor of ideas, even inspiration and resilience to the country and beyond.

The question isn’t just about a Jagdish Tytler or a Sajjan Kumar or a Kamal Nath or the late H K L Bhagat but about hundreds of others who got so injected with anti-Sikh venom that they unleashed such a rampage, such killing, maiming, raping, looting, insulting the survivors with eternal scars as if. Who were these people? Where did they come from? Were they from the slums in and around the respective colonies the victims resided in and which were patronised by Congress and BJP? There were reports about people being brought from neighbouring regions including which are now called the National Capital Region. I was once threatened by an autorickshaw driver (1994) with all that he did in 1984 to me! So I know that locals were involved.

I want the SIT to even tell us, the Gur-Sikhs, how to reconcile with this gross insult and taunt inflicted with such an inhuman intent, months after the unforgettable criminal attack on the Akal Takht and Darbar Sahib.

Additionally, I demand a separate SIT to probe into all that led to the unforgettable and unforgivable attack called Operation Blue-Star; the failings of the central and state governments; the role of Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindrawale and his aides, if any; by the Akali Dal and Congress politicians as is publicly alleged; the goof-ups by the state and national intelligence agencies; the misuse of paramilitary and police forces – their atrocities; justice that was delayed, that which was denied; the conspiracies —conspirators, manipulations —manipulators; and so on.

Vikram Singh Dhanaula’s demands are just; to have Sikh presence in the SIT that is to probe the anti-Sikh genocide; and two, to fast-track the whole process. I am requesting people to rally behind this lonesome crusader. Let us not let him suffer this indifference – such humiliation by the state all alone and all by himself.

Let us join him!

I will be with him at 4:00 PM sharp today!

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