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My Mind Says Bad Stuff About Guru Ji And Gursikhs

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Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

When I path/simran I get bad thoughts. I start saying bad things to Guru Ji and Gursikhs, and it distracts me and puts me off sometimes when I get a lot. It makes me feel down and I start getting headaches when I force my self to try and focus.

I feel guilty, that these thoughts are coming. When I wake up or am half asleep these thoughts come, and I feel that Guru Ji won't really love me or the Gursikhs.

Sometimes my mind says bad stuff to happen to my family or friends, I don't mean these thoughts they just come.

Is it ok if i just say Waheguru and ignore these thoughts when they come?

Any advice on how to stay strong ?

Please forgive me if i said anything or offensive

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

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It's ok don't be too hard on yourself, you need to realize you have no control over kind of general furne-thoughts (not until enlightenment anyway) you will get, thoughts both good and bad will come and go. Regarding bad thoughts bad stuff about guru ji and gursikhs, read about our Guru's and gursikhs lives to get inspired, try to feel how much love, compassion they had for everyone after hearing great sakhiya of our Guru sahib, try to read gurbani, contemplate on it too see for yourself if there is any hate. Our Guru's were embodiment of truth, compassion with infinite love, provided justice for all, they were gareeb nawaj..they adorn the poor, lowest of low contrary to soceity rules.

Regarding thoughts bothering you.

Divide your mind in two- one for where all negative thoughts happen, second is the source of mind(call it your real self) where non dual jot saroop reside (Gurbani says Man tu jot saroop hai, apna mool painchain). Whenever bad thoughts occurs, try to witness the bad thoughts- don't be afraid just simply witness it without any judgement from your real self - 2nd portion of mind- source of mind just simply pure witness your first portion of mind with pure awareness-consciousness pure witness without any judgement, as you will keep practising this, you will notice negative thoughts manifested will go away in their own accord like clouds disappearing- our thoughts appear disappear on their accord you don't have to touch it its not your headache as you are sky period nothing matters to you you are sky-analogy.

Don't try to resolve try to fix your thoughts , more you try to rebel against thoughts more harder it will become. Thoughts feeds off from our resistance/energy to stop thoughts - (mind cannot fix mind- only by going beyond mind- witness awareness-jot saroop - one can quite mind-negative energy of mind), give no power to your thoughts , give no resistance to it..it does not matter as you are not thought- cloud you are the sky..it does not matter at all.

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Guest Sat

This whole world is an illusion- it's Maya. Negativity is easy to deal with- u just realise that it's not real, and that you're just an empty vessel for God to work through. He preserves his servants honour.

When the thoughts come, relax and disown them- bow on the floor in surrender to Truth- you'll keep being a slave to dukh and sukh otherwise instead of realising that Dukh and Sukh is a slave to You/God. Negative thoughts are just negative energy- it could come from anywhere- your neighbour, the ghost etc- just realise u are not negativity so it can't be yours- u are just an empty vessel- a servant of Sat. Bow and let it go where it is deserved to go.

Deal with people and their cr*p in the same way. Bad souls are negative energy in this realm and in the astral realm. So just practice Truth, remember that they are an illusion and have no power- they're simply negative energy in the khel. Bow in surrender to Truth- the balance and let their pain(negativity) go back to them because it belongs to them not u, they deserve it. Their nindya, or whatever will go back and hit them. When someone does your nindya and u have surrendered to Truth- they ALWAYS become what they have slandered you to be- there is no escaping this unless they reform themselves to practice Truth properly.

Hope this helps anyone else out there aswell who is going through a hard time with losers or other negativity.

Play the khel, don't let it play you.

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Guest guest-15

I don't know the nature of your thoughts but it sounds like you may have Pure Obsessional OCD or Pure-O. Google it and look into it. Cognitive behavioural therapy can help you get these thoughts under control.

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