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Anyone Know More About This - Birmingham Sikh Being Attacked By The Usual.


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Typical cowards need 5 or 6 people behind them before they feel brave enough to take on 1 person. You never see these cowards never fight one on one. Fair play though Singh stood his ground.

This sort of incident clearly demonstrates why everyone should train for physical fitness and learn a combat art that takes account of fighting against multiple assailants rules driven sport arts like boxing, mma etc only generally cater for one on one situations which are not a true reflection of on street situations.

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All this demonstrates to me is what we've all become a human beings, we'll stand around as onlookers and won't even intervene, it's not about who's attacking who, it's not about someone's religion, it's about the fact that we, as a human race have sunk to a new low, all we care about is ourselves, our Guru's gave their live's standing up for the right's of other's yet we can't even intervene when someone's in trouble.

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I've read a lot of the comments on FB. Yes it's sad that a lot of generalisations are being made.

Point is...


Please take every opportunity to learn a form of self defence.

Too many bright lights out there trying to get our attention. DON'T get distracted by the Maya and Kaljug.

Learn to defend and stand up for the Truth.

Be it a physical form or on a mental level. TRY and savour both and become a Singh that will always defend evil.

If any of us was walking past...regardless of caste, colour, creed etc - you need to stop this behaviour. Winds me up seeing this kind of stuff, but have some more courage to be Stronger.

No need to start fights or show attitude - just be Prepared.

I have no intention of inciting any hatred here - just want to make my point of knowing the difference between Attack and Defence.

I agree with Cisco and Kam - get up Brothers - Work hard and make it count if there's anyone in Trouble.

Bhul Chuk Maaf Ji

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Painful to watch that's all I can say.

Just out of curiosity, what is the Sikh attitude towards revenge?

And is it any different to the traditional Punjabi attitude towards revenge?

I mean if you were to seperate the religion and the culture of the region, would the two answers towards revenge be different?

Hope this question makes sense.

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