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Melbourne Sikhs Hold Street Parchar On Vaisakhi To Raise Their Identity Awareness

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Melbourne – Sikhs from all around Melbourne organized Street Parchaar around Flinders Street Station on 14th April 2015 to raise awareness of Sikh identity. The event was held on the pious day of Vaisakhi with the idea of educating Australians and other multicultural communities about Sikhs and their unique identity. The main aim of the street parchar was to increase awareness about Sikhs in the society that we interact with everyday, and promote understanding about who Sikhs are.

A number of Sikh organisations including Gurdwara Sahib Craigieburn, Gurdwara Miri Piri, Australian Sikh Support, Khalsa Shaouni Plumpton, 13 Khalsa, Khalsa Education Australia, Damdami Taksal Australia, AKJ Australia and many volunteers took part in the event.

Click HERE to see Event Pictures

While raising awareness of Sikh identity, Community members distributed more than 10,000 pamphlets educating public about ‘Who Sikhs are?‘ and also shared core beliefs of the Sikh religion with others. The event also featured free fruits, canned food and drinks.

This event was first of its kind in Melbourne and was well-received by other communities. The street parchar is indeed a great initiative to fight ignorance and prejudice against Sikhs and to educate all non-Sikhs about our religion and its traditions.


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