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Can A Muslim Steep Lower Than This

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religion has something to do with it because the majority of crime commited in the ethnic minority is that by Muslims. In fact 1/3 of jail population is muslim

You need to work on your statistical analysis my friend.

1/3 of jail population is muslim? Where do you get your figures from?

2013 census- 14% of prison population is muslim. Thats quite a bit less than 33.33% right?

Whatever the figures, religion is completely irrelevant to this crime. Youre just stirring. Petty.

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Mizanur Rahman, a spokesman for the organisation Muslim Prisoners, blamed the spike on Islamophobia and racism among police officers.


It's not Police officers who send people to prison, it is Judges so if he wants to blame anyone it should be them.

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Bit racist isn't it?

I thought Sikhi was universal?

I think you're a bit fcked up, quoting Winston Churchill, a white man, on a Sikh forum?

Don't know if his post was intended to be a racist comment or he thought you were person under disguise using a white name on this forum.

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I'm no one in disguise, the face mask is an anglo saxon helmet, it's cultural artifact that shows a little of my own history and identity that's all.

I'm here to learn about Sikhi and Punjabi culture, I figure this information might help me in my new place of work where I am surrounded by many Punjabi speaking people.

I'm not here to cus or dis anyone.

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Questioning why a white person would be on a Sikh forum is not being racist

I wasn't being racist but questioning the reasoning for you following a Sikh forum and its not that you want to learn about history etc. That's rubbish. You don't fool me. EDL coming to Sikh gatherings, white people on Sikh forums. Were not Neo Gurkhas and I wish Sikhs would stop succumbing to the British. Just financially Sikhs contribute 6 billion pounds to the British economy and what have we ever had in return????

Name me one thing the British Anglo Saxon has ever done for us?????

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White person on a Sikh forum is a racist comment because Sikhi is supposed to be universal so you would expect white people to show an interest in the religion and possibly become converts.

Your comment reveals a racist tendency in that you allude that white people are not welcome on this forum and by extension white people would not be welcomed into the fold of Sikhism.

Your attitude is not welcoming and it is people like you that give Sikhs a bad name.

If I was in a Church or on a Christian forum do you think it would be acceptable for me to say Punjabi people are not welcome in my Church or on my forum.

Do you think it would acceptable to question someones motives for asking about Christianity simply because they are Punjabi?

Would this be considered a racist comment to make in your world?

One more question, why do you have a white mans comment IE Winston Churchill in your signature if this is a Sikh forum, I'm curious to know.

And finally what do you think my motives for being on this forum really are?

In your opinion why am I here?

Do you really think I am some sort of EDL stooge infiltrating the Sikh community with my own hidden agenda, I mean what could I possibly gain from such a move?

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