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I Saw This And Am Thankful That Guru Ji Gave Us Warnings To Become Bibeki

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I know about the use of fetal cells in vaccines but this possibility that we are ingesting in our foods horrifies me . I would like to warn anyone with a delicate nature that there are pictures of people actually knowingly eating babies at the end. Ghor kalyug...

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So my can of pepsi actually contains fetal cells? My understanding was that companies test products on fetal cells...

The fact is there is no clarification whether the endproducts flavourings are fetal cell free from the organisation and so my vote is to stop consuming anything which has a possibility . My own concern was the rise of autoimmune disease in children post vaccine so I was following the research and discovered this whole other realm of evil. If you are amritdhari it is imperative to not consume anything you are unsure of. Personally I wouldn't want to condone the use of dead human/animals this way so I would boycott the use and support of these companies. Most people would be the same if they knew. For me it is proof positive that Guru ji will always keep us free from becoming enslaved by the schemes of evil people on this planet if only we follow his advice to the letter.

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