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Lingusitics is a bit of an issue here. Cider of course, in the Engish and French language has for thousands of years always meant alcohol made from apples. The Americans, however, not having a fuller grasp of the language, call all fizzy apple drinks cider. So, one can understand the original question because having the word 'cider' in a product is strictly the same as having the word 'vodka' or 'whisky' in the name of a product.However

However, with that issue out of the way, yes in order to make the vinegar the apples have to be first fermented into alcohol but its got to be remembered that in order to turn it into vinegar the next step is to convert that alcohol into acid.....so, no longer alcohol.

Its important not to be too hung up on issues like this otherwise its a slippery slope. I mean where will it end ? After all, our human bodies naturally ferment sugars into alcohol every day inside our bodies. Should we then shun all humans and even ourselves....from ourselves ?

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What about white or red wine vinegar? Would an amritdhari be allowed to consume things with that?

You just ignored my answer and basically asked the original question again this time substituting one alcohol with another.

I told you, vinegar is made by converting alcohol into acid. Therefore, it is no longer alcohol.

Meanwhile, while the top half of your body (your mind) debates mundane issues such as whether or not you can consume vinegar, the rest of your body is actually making alcohol inside your body by taking yeast from your gut and using it to covert the sugar from your body into alcohol.

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