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Damdami Taksal Gives ‘Panth Rattan’ Award To Makkar

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The Damdami Taksal held a Samagam to honor

shaheeds of 1984 where Harnam Singh Dhumma

gave Panth Rattan award to SGPC head Avtar

Singh Makkar at Gurdwara Sahib in Mehta.

In the eyes of the Damdami Taksal under Harnam

Singh Dhumma, Avtar Singh Makkar must have

done something to get such an award.

the award has upset many sikhs worldwide as they wanted to know the contribution of avtar singh makker


if anyone wants to see pictures of dhumma giving the award to makker the link is below


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Don't forget that Dhumma was also involved in the meetings with Zail Sin that led to DamDami Taksal campaigning for Congress + Indira Gandhi in the 1980 elections which had led to all the Hell unleashed on the Sikh Panth by Indira Gandhi + Congress after that so it's no surprise he praises Makkar now.

The Jathedar the other day was also only interested in praising DamDami Taksal rather than bothering to address any issues affecting the Sikh Panth. Sant Ji didn't want photo memorials but schools, hospitals + rehab centers in Punjab.

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