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    • See people from other regions of Punjab do not understand this, I'm glad you pointed it out!  The "persecuted" Chamars are the dominant group in many places of Doaba. over 40% of the sirpanchs in Punjab are Chamars. All the jobs and benefits are reserved for them because the local governments are full of Chamars and also because they vote for congress. They really are taking advantage of the whole reservation thing. Every year when its that time of the year again the lanes outside of the Chamar areas are repaired, many of their kids have free education and many other benefits. In my mums pind i went to the Arora area of the pind and the whole thing looked like it was stuck in the 1950s! broken roads, old wooden doors and windows hanging off, run down   just shambles.  The reservation thing should be for poor families regardless of their caste! My mums friend is a Arora lady who is really poor, her husband had a stroke so he couldn't move, her son ended up in jail for drugs and she made a living by cleaning peoples dishes! but she got absolutely no help or benefits from the government because she belongs to the Arora community and not the Chamar. How does that even make sense!  I understand many people from the Chamar community need help but there plenty of them that don't!  its just messed up. Do you remember when that Ravidassia preacher was shot in Austria?  Well the Chamars from my mums pind all rounded up and blocked the roads in the pind and told the Aroras that they can't open their shops and told Jatts that they can't use the roads to drive their tractors to the fields!  they themselves caused a riot and made a curfew in the pind! Everyone else had to go back home! it lasted a whole week it did. And no police or government arrested them. They behave in such a clannish way! The jobs should be reserved for the actual communities that are suffering like the valmikis etc But because Chamars are at the top within the Dalit hierarchy, they hog all the jobs and don't give them to other Dalit communities. Spaces should be reserved for people like the Valmikis and poor families regardless of caste.  Anyway enough of that    Yeah i really like going Anandpur Sahib, its beautiful there. Gd thing is Anandpur Sahib isn't that far from us only takes around 40mins. Amritsar is a bit fat though Have you been machiwara? Its only around 20-25 mins from us   you cross the Sutlej and your in Malwa 
    • My Dad was a victim of caste based politics unfortunately. We're from a Ramgarhia background, he managed to get more marks than his chamaar friend in school but didn't get into Engineering due to 'positive discrimination' but his friend got in. Every flaana Sikh youth you speak to in that area just wants a go'orment job and complains about the chamaars getting them. Due to this, they all just want to go to Canada, Australia and New Zealand. A lot of their points are valid but these government jobs are a joke, the workers literally just clock in and do nothing. We need more aspirations. I guess you could say the majority of Punjab is bland, good place to live but not visit. Amritsar and Anandpur Sahib are the two best places to visit by far and that is 100% due to Sikh history. Without Sikhism Punjab would be another bland state like Haryana and Madhya Pradesh.
    • Pakistan can never progress, its been 70 years and they still do not know who they are or what their identity is, they do not know which way to go. A country which can not decide its identity can never progress because it is in conflict with itself, no direction... islamic or secular, arab or south asian, etc these are question that they still trying to figure out.  Their language Urdu is not indigenous to their land, Urdu developed in modern day India. Their national anthem is in Persian while their national Heroes are all foreign. Their history books are full of stories of foreign people that invaded their land and they see these foreign achievements and invasions as their own achievements! their culture is blend of local indian and arab/persion and they are constantly correcting themselves whenever they naturally do anything indian, is this haram? is this permissible?  is this islamic?  when their ancestors have been doing it for 1000s of years.  They thought the arabs would love them and include them in everything, but to this day they are still waiting for that phone call.  The founder of that country was a Shia, yet Shias are persecuted. Its a tragedy really, lost forever ... 
    • Pakistan doesn't want full fledged war, either. They showed that last year. Imran Khan is trying to make progress, not go to war. All 3 nations have to keep face amongst their citizens, all it comes down to really. 
    • Its a nice gurdwara isn't it, my puas daughter got married there. We don't have much Sikh ithiaas in that region but that Gurdwara one of the few. Its a blessed place because Guru Hargobind sahib jee along with young Guru Har rai ji and Guru Tegh Bahadur and baba Gurditta ji visited it with Guru Hargobind Sahib. it is quite a plain bland area lol  Yh the area is mainly Chamar and they are half Sikh/Hindu and they vote congress, their basically the dominant group so their vote counts the most. My mums pind is massive and it is around 80% Chamar and they all are congress. Every year before the votes congress gives the pind a grant and they repair the roads/lanes on their side of the pind only,  its because their vote counts because they are the majority. Thats how politics works there ...  There really are not that many Singhs that you see around that area. 
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