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Feel That I Am A Looser

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sat sri akal ji

i am a girl 20 years old

everything in my life is happening wrong

kuch sahi nhi ho rha.

my mother doesnt love me ....... she scolds me whole day

i can't concentrate on my studies . i always get backstabbed by my friends and cousins

i feel alone in this world

i feel that i am a looser i have nothing

i want peace..... but nobody supports me

nobody listens to me nobody understands me

what should i do

please suggest

i am very depressed

i have lost all patience

i have no day in my life when i dont cry . aisa kyu ho rha hai ?

please help me

show me correct path to make my life stable

i beg please suggest something

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Vaheguru ji ka Khalsa, Vaheguru ji ki Fateh ji

Aisa hota hai kyun ki aap uhmidh rakhti hu logo par. You don't need anyone to be the reason for your happiness, becoming dharmic and having a connection with your true swami Sri Vaheguru is plenty enough for anybody. Sab kuch jo bhi hota hai vo tumhare pichle janam ki karma se hota hai. So, I think you should start being dharmic (if you are not), and let go of these bandhans with others and you will see that keeping bandhans like these were pointless anyways.

i try to do it but i fail.

i dnt get anyway to get out of it.

i do pray a lot but i dnt understand what bad karma i have made that i am going through these things .

i never hurt anyone.

i have become my own enemy by cursing my own self for the faults i have never made

thank u for guiding me i i will try to do what u said

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In life we all go through hard times, times where we don't know where to turn, we can't see a way out. Life is like that, a journey we take, in the forest of life we have to walk through the deep mud, the mud that can hold us back and keep us in the same place for years. When darkness falls upon that forest there is a light, a light faint to some, others a bright beacon, that light, that beacon, is God. The light is dim for those whom don't believe and it is hard to find the true path out of that forest but for those who believe, the light of God illuminates the forest, showing clearly the right path to safety. A lot of people walk amongst this forest lost, never knowing where to go and going in circles, blaming themselves, blaming anything that comes to mind. The snakes will come out, snakes lurking amongst the dusk ready to strike at your mind, these snakes are most friends in life, once you allow them to bite, their venom will poison your mind, you will lose the desire to seek out God, you will begin to doubt yourself and lose hope and once they have taken away that desire will slither away again into the dusk waiting for their next "friend". There is one true friend whom you can put your trust in, one whom if you even utter his name once will scare away the vile creatures in life, and that is Waheguru.

Once you allow your mind to feel the power and grace of God, whatever problems you face he will show you the path you need, do not worry about others whom try to dishearten you, most likely they are also lost in the forest of life, because they can't find a way out, they try to make sure others can't get out either. Never lose faith in Waheguru, keep your faith as strong as steel and as you sing the praises of God, your troubles will fade, the name of Waheguru will wash away your fears and anxiety and will cocoon you.


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If you want happiness for an hour take a nap.

If you want happiness for a day, go for a picnic.

If you want happiness for a week, go on a vacation.

if you want happiness for a month, then get married :-)

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Not going to sound like the best advice but.

You're 20 years old, man up (or in this case woman up). You're a Sikh woman for crying out loud, the likes of Mai Bhago went to war against armies with a handful of sikhs and Mata Gujri who was a pillar of reliance in that cold, stone tower where she was held. You're only going to feel like a loser if you keep letting everything get to you. Accept it all as the will of god and move on.

Going to your mother, politely ask her why she constantly shouts at you, try and reach out to her rather than taking it all.

You're friends are weighing you down, or well "friends" to put it. You can't concentrate because your so concerned about them, who cares what they think? Most people are out for only themselves. This is even more apparently in this backwards creed of competition that many punjabi/asian people love to breed. Don't associate with them, find people with similar targets to you and hold on to your life because student life is a rollarcoaster my friend.

You're feeling this despair because you're letting it all get to you. Don't waste your time shedding useless tears, use those tears as a fire to light the way to show these people what you're made off. Crying isn't going to make anything better.

Find a hobby, something you enjoy doing and spend time on that. Any time you feel sad or depressed turn your attention to those who have had a worse time than you. Finding new friends is easy if you go about it in a good way. Find a study group (loads in uni/college), find a club to join. Your social circle will expand massively and slowly work your way into a more exclusive circle.

Do Path, do as much as you can, learn about Sikhism. Seriously do chaupai sahib and Sukhmani sahib or even Dukh-banjani path. Invoke the name of god before doing anything and move around like nothing will knock you down. Watch as these so called troubles which are tormenting you pick up their weapons and run from you.

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