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Why Have The Sikhs In England Failed To Follow The Basics Of Sikhi


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I see what you mean Singh.

The notion of some yuppy ignoramus overturning the ancient laws of her professed religion using the signatures of a thousand troglodytes hunched over playboy magazines in various underground chambers manages to be both horrifying and hilarious in equal measure. That said, it seems extremely unlikely.

I'm beginning to hope she actually achieves her aims so I can see what she does next, lol.

But, seriously, now would be a good time for an eloquent Gursikh bibi to tweet the lady in question and rebutt her claims there's passages from the Koran in GGS. If a Singh steps forward it'll be further evidence of the oppressive Punjabi patriarchy in full swing, but if a Sikh female puts her straight I'd be interested to see her reaction. That is, unless, Jagsaw Singh's assertion from a few days ago is accurate, in as much as there are very few educated Gursikh bibiya that could go toe to toe with this chancer, and destroy the wholly mistaken information this lightweight Dhami girl is espousing as gospel.

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Based on twitter, Dhami seem like good person who just misinform on Sikhi stance on interfaith marriage. Hopefully she is open minded enough to accept the truth instead of ignoring it.

Remember, if you guys are planning to respond to her, then be respectful.

BTW: Dhami even a Sikh? I think she HIndu Punjabi.

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Simply because when the very first elders come over abroad, they did work such as labourers, factory, truck drivers, manual work, etc, remember they had less education opportunities, and many of them could not read or write.

The average resident of Punjab is nowadays is more connected with Bollywood, and Hindi is spoken in the children's schools, thus the shift from being "Punjabi", but more English.

Absolutely. If you're going to look at the problem you need to explore several things.

Firstly look at the population of Sikhs in various countries outside of Punjab.

Western Europe United Kingdom 432,000 0.8% 1.77% North America Canada 468,673[4] 1.4% 1.96%

Stolen directly from Wikipedia but these are the 2 countries I think we should first address. I'll speak a bit on U.K first as it is where my knowledge is more substantial.

When Immigrants first flocked to the UK many of them as simran-ji said were illiterate and very out of tune Sikhism wise. But the natives of the UK at the time were very much against this mass travel. Well a there was a growing and worrying following which held this view. As a result the Sikhs, the Hindus, the Muslims and in some cases even blacks all formed their own community. Afterall there is strength in numbers, who would dare attack them while they are all concentrated in one specific area. As a result they built a thriving community of brotherhood and love.

Unfortunately this backfired as well. The older generation were out of tune with Sikhi, again not all. There were some really wise and exceptional individuals but im speaking about the layman. Eventually this bitterness towards the English majority and the English's sentiments of hatred also started eroding away but many families refused to move out of their set neighborhoods. As a result they isolated themselves from everyone else. Now, this has formed the exact recipe for disaster.

you have a community where one culture is uneducated in their own religion and another which zealously teaches its youth about it's culture. The isolated community would obviously resort of forming bonds with only who is within their set community. they end up unfamiliar with Sikhism and are pulled by their love for their new boyfriend. This is further made worse by Punjabi songs which romanticize forbidden love.

as a result this problem is now made and formed.

Now is this a problem for the modern day England residing sikhs? yes. It is a massive one. But rather than blaming everything on the UK Sikhs you should first see that these tales are having a more positive effect on our World-wide community. Our Community is now more aware of these seduction arts and are prepping themselves to NOT fall for them. The stories you hear coming from the UK are now being read by Sikhs worldwide who are learning from our mistakes.

Is this a problem worldwide? Perhaps. Why I think this is because the recent stories you're hearing right now are brought to light by the sikhs. Their documented cases. The main problem is that the Indian community in general has a tendency to try and keep these things hush hush at certain times. They gossip with each other but the stories never hit the world stage as they do for us. I may be wrong as obviously I'm not all too familiar with the make-up of the Canadian,US make up of communities.

But if our story is resonating anywhere in your community. You may have the same problem as us, if not then that's good news.

So in conclusions. Sikhs have not "failed" in England. Many of us have had to deal with the mess our previous generation left behind. But the newer generation of Sikhs are far more in line with Sikhism. Many Sikhs have branched out and gone to other towns/cities rather than resting in the same old London,Manchester etc. That branching out has helped save many of our teachings and now the places where these deeds are happening are slowly but surely filling up with good Sikhi Knowledge. I don't think it's fair to say we failed. We stumbled but we're trying to get back on our feet.

I apologize if my comments offended anyone. That wasn't my intention. Please don't take any offense from this.

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She's not actually going to achieve anything from her petition, she has a weak voice. But if you are eager to educate her, you could create a fake twitter account pretending you're a woman lol

So I'll take it you're reluctant to put her straight? Because eventually someone with that profile will get listened to. Like I said, it would be better if it was coming from a baptised female.

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