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    • Randomly stumbled across this account today. Similar to the Suraj Podcast, this brother is basically making a series for Panth Parkash. Definitely check it out.   
    • Yeah. Basically, we gotta work backwards. The first Singh Sabha removed a lot of things. More of a revivalist movement. It could go under a whole different name. Leadership has to consist of those who are passionate about Sikh. The Khalsa should be the ones running the panth anyways. 
    • Looking for sarbloh kitchenware.  Any good recommendations for buying online (I do not live near any stores that sell)? DTF books website sell https://dtfbooks.com/sarbloh-collection
    • Well done for your seva Ji. I like the idea of giving something back like this. Will go and check this out 
    • Guest jitG
      Firstly, what did you ever learn from your amritdhary parents when you were growing up? Nothing!! You should’ve learnt some decent values or some decency. You should have learnt Morality or Moral values! No one is blaming you for falling in love, BUT why on earth did you fall in love with a mona? Don’t you know monas are not classified as Sikhs? They are not Sikhs. You knew you belong to an amritdhary family then why you fall in love with a misfit like a mona? You really deserve to be disowned by your decent loving parents who left India to come to the US to provide you better education and decent life full of comforts. They trusted you but you abused your trust so badly that no parents can forgive their children whether amritdhary or not! You went ahead and have an abortion! You are a MAHA -PAAPI for killing two innocent lives plus the fact cheating on your god fearing loving mum and dad or even your siblings! Shocking! You have cheated on so many people plus  the fact committed a murder of two helpless souls because of your stupidity! What the hell do you mean that you don’t want to choose between your so-called boyfriend and your family? What a meaningless question! You should have asked this question before you laid your eyes on him and before you jumped in bed with him, for  it to be meaningful!  You have already chosen between the two when you made your decision to fall in love, whatever it means, with him, to kill two innocent souls and deceive your parents and siblings!! So my dear girl, it is too late to choose! 
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