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    • Guest Stupid Taksali Thugs
      There is a clear pattern here. 1st the Taksali's killed an innocent Amritdhari parcharak (Shaheed Bhai Bhupinder Singh) and boasted about making his two innocent children orphans in the murder attempt of Bhai Ranjit Singh Dhadrianwale. Then the Taksali's made the murder attempt on Panthpreet Singh Khalsa in Italy in order to try bring Sikhs into disrepute in Italy and to get Kirpan banned in Italy. Then the Taksali's spent tens of thousands catching flights all the way from USA and UK in order to bring Sikhs into disrepute in Germany and upload their violence and their success in taking off Panthpreet's dastar. Bear in mind this was just after Muslims had bombed a Gurdwara in Germany. Now the Taksali's are proud of trampling over young children in Maharaj's hazoori and spitting, swearing, pushing and attacking in front of camera and bring Sikhs into utter disrepute in the UK. The innocent children hurt by Taksali thugs on Saturday might be emotionally scarred for life by this and potentially put off Sikhi by this memory as they grow into teenagers. What angers these Taksali's is that most of the people joining Sikhi in the UK and Punjab are doing so because of Bhai Ranjit Singh Dhadrianwale and Nirvair Khalsa Jatha. They see the murder of these two main parcharaks as their number one priority in order to do their masters Badal and RSS dirty work 
    • Guest Stupid Taksali Thugs
      Shame the Taksali gunde didn't heed your advice when trampling Sikh children. Local Sangat wanted to hear NKJ katha. Taksali's wanted badnami for Sikhs
    • Yes bro we always mention, only amritdhari plz contact. But people still call and say, “ ji amritdhari ta nahi aa but saadi kudi vegetarian aa, je tusi kahoge ta amrit shakloo gi “
    • How do we stop Sikh youth from looking up to the black culture?  For instance there is a girl called Lilly a punjabi girl on youtube. She promotes the whole black culture. Many punjabi women look up to her. She talks and act like a typical ghetto black girl.  Looks like us Panjabis are struggling with an identity crisis. Many of the young punjabi boys look up to rap stars and dress like pure black people.  Why are we not strong in our own identity and need to latch on to the black culture - Such as dress sennce, music, dread locks in hair. If it aint blacks then we latch on to the white culture. Such as going down the pub for a pint. 
    • A Sikh would have wrote, it depends on what the says and what to focus on.  What rehat speaks on such manner.

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