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12 Sikhs Become Victims Of Terror In Pakistan

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A news release in a Pakistani newspaper has

revealed the ongoing terror faced Sikhs in the

tribal areas of Pakistan.

PESHAWAR: Sardar Gopal Singh, a representative

from the Sikh community, said around a dozen

Sikhs have fallen victim to acts of terror over the

past few months. He was speaking at a meeting

arranged by South Asia Partnership Pakistan in

the city on Thursday.

Many have been forced to shut their businesses

down and leave areas that they have inhabited for

decades, he said. According to Gopal, a majority

of his community members find it difficult to

spiral out of the cycle of poverty and state

policies are hardly helpful.

Law and Parliamentary Affairs Additional

Secretary Israr Mohammad Khan represented the

Minister for Law Imtiaz Shahid Qureshi at the

moot. Speaking on the occasion, Israr said the

government has adopted two bills that will

directly address some of the fundamental

problems faced by minorities in the province. He

added the law department, with help from other

departments, is already working on the

implementation of these bills.

Several minority representatives were invited to

talk about the problems faced by their

communities. During his address, Christian

representative Augustin Jacob said most

Christians in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa find it hard to

break through the glass ceiling when it comes to

jobs at government and semi-government

departments. He said almost everyone agrees

over the removal of hate material from textbooks,

which is taught to children from an early age.

Published in The Express Tribune , August 28th,


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    • Is that this Baba Nand Singh ji? 
    • Just thought I would translate some of the highlighted parts from these snapshots.   -Sikhi is diminishing and very few practicing sikhs will remain in the future -There will come a time when over four new ideologies will emerge on a daily basis. Sikhs will jump from one ideology to the next. Be it Bhasauria, Radha-Soami, Kuka, Communist (as examples). -People will be easily lured away from their religion -Master Tara Singh is misleading the Sikhs, just like Gandhi. Also, we don’t call him Mahatama as he has no such quality. The people that are blindly following Gandhi and hoping for indepednece will lament one day and feel the British Raj was comparatively better. -These Topi waley will not let you [sikhs] cause any commotion (meaning they will suppress you) -Naam is becoming rare. Hold on to it for your survival. It will flourish one day in the future -Don’t align with any political party -With time, a great man will come who will, with his shakti (power) make these [Indian rulers] bow down. After this a long-lasting rule will start [of the Sikhs]. Gurmukhi letters will be supreme. The counting of 13 will commence [ I believe this refers to a benevolent social structure]. The Parkarma at Harmandir Sahib will be expanded 2 or 3 times its; current width [ hinting at a surge in new Sikhs]. Even the lighting lamp posts will be adorned in gold.
    • does anyone know about the prophecy about china and russia invading india?
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