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So Caffeine Is A Drug.


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Guest Jacfsing2

Nihang Singhs consider tea to be a drug so do ayurveda experts http://www.joyfulbelly.com/Ayurveda/ingredient/Black-Tea/287

Caffeine shifts awareness from the heart chakra to the third eye. New trades routes brought caffeinated beverages to Europe creating an 'Age of Enlightenment' and ending the middle ages. Ayurveda comes from an older time where the mind was not separate from feelings and science was not separate from spirituality. Black tea is also a diuretic drying out vata kidneys and adrenal glands. Nihang Singhs call tea, dil phookani - heart burner....because it makes the dhyan go from the hirda (heart) to the buddhi - brain. Say no to legal highs!


Sant Gurbachan Singh Ji Khalsa, Bhindrawale did seva of Khalsa Panth for numereous years through the medium of parchaar. He was a Jathedar of the Damdami Taksal, the Sikh school for Gurmat studies. For several years, he taught numerous students how to recite Gurbani and do katha. Several of Sant Jis students are still doing active parchar today.

Following are 11 teachings of Sant Gurbachan Singh Ji Khalsa which he promoted during his sermons. These are being posted for the benefit of our readers.

1) Take amrit from Panj Pyarai and become Guru Vale, always keep rehat, never let your rehat falter.

2) Make others into Nitnemis.

3) Always recite Gurbani correctly.

4) Memorize Gurbani.

5) Never try to become big (famous).

6) Always respect Sangat as the form of Guru Jee.

7) Always help Panthik Jathebandis in times of need.

8) Recognize that your mind, body and wealth all belong to Guru Jee and do seva of Gursikhs.

9) Recognize that ਅਵਲਿ ਅਲਹ ਨੂਰੁ ਉਪਾਇਆ ਕੁਦਰਤਿ ਕੇ ਸਭ ਬੰਦੇ ॥ and so respect and have love for every person.

10) Always remember that everything is happening because of God.

11) If a Mona (person who cuts his/her hair) or someone that smoked cigarettes (or used other drugs) would make langar Sant Jee would never eat it or let the Jatha eat it. They would always keep the utmost cleanliness. They would never eat others jootha or let anyone eat their jootha, they were against using cha (tea) and other drugs.

Doesn't #9 and #11 contradict each other?

Jacfsing2 ji, Can you tell me the side effect of having too much Gurbani? Nope, but there is a side effect to too much chaa as there are to other edible things. But chaa, has more of a tendency to be addictive than other normal foods.

You could be addicted to anything that may be positive or negative to you.
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Caffeine is supposed to be prohibited, and that is why I do not accept any tea/coffee. In fact, any addicted edible things aren\t supposed to be used. Makes me surprised that you can see chaa being served in langar halls, and my parents take chaa as well but their reasoning is that they are addicted lol, but whatever. Weird reason!

Why? when have you heard of anyone high on caffeine to be controlled by it? it keeps you alert but does not induce what intoxicants can. Served in Gurdwaras, what does that tell you? were the Gurus not aware of it? keep personal opinions personalised and not make out it's Gurmat

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Baba ji, Chaa is something that will not help our dharmic lives, there are many ways to stay alert other than caffeine, ji. How can chaa be part of SIkhi when the chaa that most SIkhs drink today is the chaa that the english people brought here aka not from our country (so how can you apply chaa being banned when it didn't even exist in India before the english).

Beti, chaa pevo ja na, it's a personal choice, If it does not intoxicate the mind, then don't make a song and dance about it. If we considered everything, we'd never consume food, drink or medicine. Sidhi i gal hegi.

Vegetation is alive too, shall we consume or refrain....

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11) If a Mona (person who cuts his/her hair) or someone that smoked cigarettes (or used other drugs) would make langar Sant Jee would never eat it or let the Jatha eat it. They would always keep the utmost cleanliness. They would never eat others jootha or let anyone eat their jootha, they were against using cha (tea) and other drugs.

is mona not equal to other sikh if not than why gurubani says ek pita ekas ke hum barak it is wrong not eating langar in which mona had ate. the langar is contaminated for amritdhari if mona ate that langar? please answer?
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Guest Jacfsing2

Try not to drink chaa for a week and then you tell if it's a drug or not. The withdrawals of this chaa addiction are like withdrawals from drug addictions.

I don't drink tea or coffee. (I don't like drinks like that); however, I don't feel it's a moral obligation to avoid chaa or coffee rather a health issue.
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