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So Caffeine Is A Drug.


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You guys don't know about the dangers of Chaa. It landed me in rehab for 2 months, I was at the point where I'd break down and cry if I wasn't given chaa 5 times. Don't even get me started on what would happen if there was too little sugar in it. I was even banned from being given chaa at all local Gurdwaray. With Kirpa, I'm now 4 months chaa free.

Hanji it effects people in different ways. Good to hear you are doing better. Depends on how much one drinks in order for the side effects to take place.



Some people are more sensitive to it than others, so if there are any symptoms then one should take a look at their tea/coffee consumption to see if it's causing them.

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You guys don't know about the dangers of Chaa. It landed me in rehab for 2 months, I was at the point where I'd break down and cry if I wasn't given chaa 5 times. Don't even get me started on what would happen if there was too little sugar in it. I was even banned from being given chaa at all local Gurdwaray. With Kirpa, I'm now 4 months chaa free.

That sound's rough man,I hope you're ok now

I think it's a matter of how it affects someone. There are certain substances which universally affect everyone. But with caffeine i've noticed affects certain people in different ways. Like it was mentioned before certain Mahapurkhs avoided it while others didn't. These beings all had their reasons for doing such.

Some people are strongly affected by it and can't function without it, that in itself is indeed an addiction. While others aren't.

On a personal note Caffeine has a rather negative effect on me. Consumption of it induces instant drowsiness in me so I have a tendency to avoid it. I don't eat much as it is lol. Caffeine is a drug, but in essence anything has the possibility to be a drug (food-wise). Avoid it if you think it's murdering your life.

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Changing what you drink. Drinks containing caffeine (for example, tea, coffee, hot chocolate and cola) make urge incontinence worse. This is because caffeine is a natural diuretic. Diuretics are chemicals that make you need to pass urine. If you drink a lot of caffeine-containing fluids then consider switching to decaffeinated alternatives.

Some answers to tea questions can be found in already discussed topic:


This method can be used to take out some caffeine, I sometimes use it:



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Try not to drink chaa for a week and then you tell if it's a drug or not. The withdrawals of this chaa addiction are like withdrawals from drug addictions.

It's true bro, I personally know people who have been drinking chaa for years and have to have it multiple times a day or else they get VERY upset and grumpy and feel like they can't do anything. They HAVE to have chaa or else it's like the world is falling down for them.


1. You will have withdrawl symptons if you tried to leave caffeine. It will take up to 28 days for these symptons to disappear.

Very true!

Chaa is addictive no doubt but not in the same category as Panj Patey. So interesting choice Nihangs are making there!

I do not believe tea is harmful although studies on its impact on the body are inconclusive. I drink one cup a day of Indian tea made in the traditional way (changitraan ghaarke), not boiled dishwater known affectionately known as 'Gora chaa'. Anyways, it keeps me going for 24 hours.

If it's any consolation Bhai Rama Singh Ji used to also drink tea after the simran programmes in Hounslow, so there!

There are many people on the opposite side too.

Many mahaan mahapursh used to drink tea and coffee. So, it's obvious it's not bad. Btw Taksal Singhs also drink chaa as far I know.

There are many Dhan Guru Piarey who don't drink tea/coffee as well.

This topic has been discussed many times:




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