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Guest khalsa

Naam Jaap

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Guest Jacfsing2

As much as your bhagti let's you. (Not the best answer, I know). Push yourself or go slowly till you reach a certain goal.

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Dear Khalsa Jee,

Nam japna is not like doing excercises for a certain time to build our bodies, rather it is a string in His hands, through which He pulls us towards Him, if only we allow ourselves through this jugtee.

Isn´t Wahiguru our true Father, Mother?

Does a child ever calculate the time in being with his beloved parents?

So must be our attitude, our "taraph", for being away from Him.

You see, the more bandagee we do, the cleaner we get from the filth accumulated on our minds.

And as cleaner we become, the stronger the pull towards Him will be.

The Bani says: saas saas simroh Gobind.

It is not that we should run away and leave our duties and do this devotion.

We have to keep a balance, cause if we do not perform our duties, we can not progress in the "marg of ruhaniyat" either.

Give the world its necessary dues, and to Wahiguru everything else.

How does a lover remember his/her beloved? The lover goes to work, here or there, but keeps the beloved in mind at all times.

He / she, just thinks to finish the duties as soon as possible and go and meet the beloved.

In a similar way, wherever we maybe we may keep Him in our mind through His chintan, and while coming back to our residence/home, find a time and be in His presence, by meditating on Him.

It is not in our hands to have His darshan, but we can definetely submit ourselves to His Lotus Feet by staying in His dhyan, so that whenever He thinks fit, wash our filth with the Amrit of His Grace, and thus become fit for having even a glimpse of His Darshan.

Sat Sree Akal.

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how many mins should I do naam jaap ?

God does not judge us on how many mins, hours etc. Waheguru needs nothing from us, we are doing it for ourselves only, to connect to them and as Harsharan Paji says to wash off any sins, and also it is our farz and maqsad to as we have been sent into this world, this is the chance we have to.

We should also live a gristhi Jeevan, go about our daily activities too. I found that when I used to plan I will do so and so many mins etc it never worked.

Just try your best without forcing or expecting anything in return and leave the rest to their Hukum.

This is this mornings Hukamnama from Sri Harmandir Sahib ji.


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