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    • Yes, I get that, bro. But if we're going off what's accepted as mainstream thought on their origins, regardless of whether it's actually true, they're currently considered to be what's popularly defined as Jews. Who knows, we may in the very distant future come to recognise some other race as the true Jews.  There's one particular argument about which white anti-Semites get very angry and can't refute, is how - if we go along with the theory that Jews have infiltrated and subverted white nations - none of what Jews have achieved would be possible without white collaboration and white traitors selling out their own race. They have no answer for it, and they get very, very hostile when this argument is pointed out. They argue for white superiority on a genetic level expressed in IQ and general mental lucidity, but somehow they seem to be "tricked" into acting against their own by Jews. Doesn't sound too smart to me. Isolated cases of betrayal and deception I can buy, but wholesale subversion of entire nations for the past 300-400 years due to only Jewish tricks? Not a chance. It's white treachery and they can't acknowledge it, because it undermines their argument that they're the only race with honour and noble ideals that's above base notions of self interest of the few at the expense of the many. Anyway, I hope humanity can free itself from these desert religions of all shades. Any positive, civilising affect they've had is long gone. The rest of us are caught in the middle of their endless war, and it will prove to be fatal.
    • There is no controversy. Stop your agenda bharati saputra. 
    • There is no reason for any person having marital struggles to direct PM you.  You've barely been here a month. Don't try this c$%ap on here.
    • Well bro. There are those that say the so called jews that "infiltrated" everything never were Jews. They always were the infiltrators from the beginning of this Kalyug.  The Jacobites, true Jews have actually been persecuted by them all over the world. Not only in israel today but all over the world if you think them one and the same with european imperialism and imperialism period in known history.  That is not to say jews that fall into this category would even all know or recognize this, but I have had this verified to me in depth by Jacobites.  It is also not to say that the whole world can't respect and learn from methods of early zionist in israel or the way israel militarized themselves.  The kibutz model and mass military training of your entire people are both very laudable, replicatable systems.  It is however important to realize the degree to which israel's rise to power was fascilitated by and is in fact global white supremacy.   
    • Thank you for that. The way I heard it put was that even though Guru Nanak Dev Ji's message to creation didn't start with the content of Japji, which didn't come until he addressed the Sidhs? That Guru Nanak Dev Ji did want it to begin the teachings of the Guru Granth Sahib Ji, following only the Beej Mantra?
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