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Do The Bare Minimum And Complain To Bbc/ofcom

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Do one on wifi and one on your mobile network with a different name/email as due to different ip addresses it will be logged as complaints from two different individuals. I have already done so and posted it below as a guide for you:

https://ssl.bbc.co.u.../?reset=#anchor --> Complaint website

My Complaint:

I would like to express my anger and frustration with an incident that occurred during Sunday Morning Live. My anger is divided into three parts: the clear misrepresentation of the Sikh faith and its principles by the BBC, the constant undermining of Jagmeet Singh by Sian Williams and the severe lack of reporting by the BBC regarding the ongoing crisis in Panjab.

During the programme, the issue of interfaith marriages was discussed. This is a topic which has caused a large amount of distress in the Sikh community. For many people, such as myself, we feel that the media has not allowed us to articulate our reasoning for being against a Sikh and a non-Sikh partaking in the Anand Karaj ceremony in a Gurdwara. Jagmeet Singh from Basics of Sikhi, who was one of the panelists discussing this, tried very hard to explain this issue. He was constantly interrupted by Sian Williams and Edwina Currie before being allowed to finish his point. I found this very unpleasant as it played directly into the narrative that the media is not interested in hearing the Sikh point of view.

Jagmeet Singh also tried to raise the issue of the recent killing of three Sikhs in Panjab during the last three days of which the BBC has reported next to nothing. In raising awareness, he was belittled by Sian Williams.


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It'll make no difference sadly, BBC covered up the paedophilia behaviour of Jimmy Saville, Ofcom is a farce, they clear any complaints.

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I mean even outside of events in Panjab. The way the panel appears to have been selected, and the condescending rubbish from the host regarding the Sikh perspective of Anand Karaj was disgusting. It just seemed like another western ploy to push the 'love will conquer all' philosophy and make us look like backward, primitive savages.

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    • So it's inevitable seeing as many people would land there with relative fortunes. 
    • Nice topic. I’m a fan of urbanization, so I would envision a scenario where the diaspora doesn’t head back to their villages (the ones that came from pinds). I like Ludhiana because of its centrality in Punjab (even though the air and water pollution is off the charts!). More likely the diaspora would settle the outskirts of Chandigarh in the Punjab portion (towns like Mohali and New Chandigarh) because of the cleaner air and proximity to the shivalik hills. But for my scenario I am going with Ludhiana. Ludhiana city is 66% Hindu and 29% Sikh with a population of 1.9 million (2021 estimate). It would require all 2 million diaspora sikhs to be stuffed in there to raise our percentage to 65 %. If we were to take the higher estimate of a 3 million diaspora, and all settled in Ludhiana, our percentage would be 71%. All 3 million diaspora would raise Punjab’s Sikh percentage from 57% to 62%. Just shows how little our raw numbers add up back home within our own state, forget about India as a whole. Our strength lies in our prosperity outside of India. Within India 2-3 million barely registers. I mean there are 25 million babies born per year in India! But even with the minor percent rise, our economic strength would be the real game changer as @proactive pointed out. We could shift the economic power into Sikh hands within some Punjabi cities, while the rural is already in the basket.
    • These Dalits are mianly from Doaba and have been visiting Punjab for years and there has been no issues. if they want to buy land especially agricultural land than this might create issues but land prices will increase for sure and provided the Jats are getting a good price then there will be no issue.  The only country where something similar has happened is Israel when the European Jews migrated and even Jews for Arab lands were relegated to being the working class and this created to separate classes in Israel with Mizrahi and Sephardi Jews. They tended to live in their own areas for many decades although there has been more mixing and intermarriage but there is definitely a simmering issue between these two classes. Punjab's issue is slightly different because at least 50% or more of the diaspora are still linked to their villages in Punjab so they would not really create any enclaves just for them. This was not the case with the Jews because they came without any links to the land. Resentment exists where ever there is differences in wealth. 
    • Get a load of this evil b1tch......   German ISIS bride who chained up five-year-old Yazidi slave girl in the sun and let her die of thirst as punishment for wetting the bed is jailed ten years for 'war crime' Jennifer Wenisch, 30, converted to Islam in 2013 and went to Iraq to join ISIS She was found guilty of allowing a slave girl to die of thirst in the scorching sun The court said Wenisch, from Lohne, had committed 'crimes against humanity'  Her husband is also on trial and will be sentenced in November   A German ISIS bride was sentenced to 10 years in prison by a Munich court today over the war crime of letting a five-year-old Yazidi 'slave' girl die of thirst in the sun.  Jennifer Wenisch, 30, from Lohne in Lower Saxony, was found guilty of 'two crimes against humanity in the form of enslavement', as well as aiding and abetting the girl's killing and being a member of a terrorist organisation. Wenisch converted to Islam in 2013 and made her way to Iraq to join the Islamic State, where she and her husband 'purchased' a Yazidi woman and child as household slaves according to the court. 'After the girl fell ill and wet her mattress, the husband of the accused chained her up outside as punishment and let the child die an agonising death of thirst in the scorching heat,' prosecutors said during the trial. 'The accused allowed her husband to do so and did nothing to save the girl.'  Her sentence, handed out by the Higher Regional Court in Munich, is the culmination of what is thought to be one of the first convictions anywhere in the world related to the Islamic State group's persecution of the Yazidi community.  Presiding judge Reinhold Baier handed down the verdict to Wenisch this morning, after declaring the child was 'defenceless and helplessly exposed to the situation,' and that Wenisch 'had to reckon from the beginning that the child, who was tied up in the heat of the sun, was in danger of dying'. Wenisch's husband, Taha al-Jumailly, is also facing trial in separate proceedings in Frankfurt, where the verdict is due in late November. When asked during the trial about her failure to save the girl, Wenisch said she was 'afraid' that her husband would 'push her or lock her up'.  Identified only by her first name Nora, the Yazidi girl's mother has repeatedly testified in both Munich and Frankfurt about the torment allegedly visited on her child. The defence had claimed the mother's testimony is untrustworthy and said there was no proof that the girl, who was taken to hospital after the incident, actually died. Wenisch's lawyers had called for her to receive just a two-year suspended sentence for supporting a terrorist organisation. Wenisch herself claimed she was being 'made an example of for everything that has happened under ISIS' at the close of the trial, according to the daily Sueddeutsche Zeitung, and appeared to show remorse for the crimes for which she was found guilty.  Wenisch converted to Islam in 2013 and is thought to have left Germany to join ISIS the following year, travelling through Turkey and Syria to reach her eventual destination of Mosul in Iraq.  Recruited in mid-2015 to the group's self-styled hisbah morality police, she patrolled city parks in IS-occupied Fallujah and Mosul. Armed with an AK-47 assault rifle, a pistol and an explosives vest, her task was to ensure strict IS rules on dress code, public behaviour and bans on alcohol and tobacco. In January 2016, she visited the German embassy in Ankara to apply for new identity papers. When she left the mission, she was arrested and extradited days later to Germany. Wenisch's trial, which began in April 2019, is one of the first examples of court proceedings over the Islamic State group's brutal treatment of Yazidis.  A Kurdish-speaking group hailing from northern Iraq, the Yazidis were specifically targeted and oppressed by the jihadists beginning in 2015. Prominent London-based human rights lawyer Amal Clooney, who has been involved in a campaign for IS crimes against the Yazidi to be recognised as a 'genocide', was part of the team representing the Yazidi girl's mother. Germany has charged several German and foreign nationals with war crimes and crimes against humanity carried out abroad, using the legal principle of universal jurisdiction which allows crimes to be prosecuted even if they were committed in a foreign country. A handful of female suspects are among those who have appeared in the dock. In November 2020, a German woman named as Nurten J. was charged with crimes against humanity allegedly committed while she was living in Syria as a member of Islamic State. In October 2020, another German court sentenced the German-Tunisian wife of a rapper-turned-jihadist to three-and-a-half years in prison for having taken part in the enslavement of a Yazidi girl in Syria. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10127821/German-ISIS-bride-let-five-year-old-slave-girl-die-thirst-Iraq-jailed-ten-years.html
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