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The method to get-up early.

If you set your amrit vela around 3ish then getting up shouldn't be that difficult providing you go to bed at a reasonable time. I would strongly recommend taking a moderate-cold watered shower, it's amazing to wake the senses up.

Though You could try building your rota so it starts from around 3am in the morning, but I guess being in Western countries that may prove a bit tricky.

But a cold shower + early night works wonders for me.

it's about reliance, set you're mind to it and follow it through.

Another far more controversial method I know someone who follows it is they stay up till Amrit Vela and after finishing then go to sleep. But this is due to his work day starting a bit later on.

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Jacfsing2 Jee,

the waking up early to be done effectively from my opinion, has not to be done mechanically nor theoretically, because it will not work out well.

This waking up early, has some points to be taken into consideration.

First of all, it has to be a sincere desire to get up by understanding that, it will be time of being into solitude, in intimacy with my beloved Wahiguru.

Secondly, have dinner by eight, and that to a light one.

And third, to be slept by 10:00 PM.

The food should be sattvic, and totally avoid intoxicants, as alcohol, or drugs, and avoid any violent movies.... as all these things have an impact on the mind.

Because it is not only important to get up early, but is also very important to stay alert and fresh during our bhajan bandagee time dedicated.

You see, just as when we eat our food, several steps have been taken, and all are important, just as buying the eatables, peeling them, cooking them, and lastly serve it into our plates.

One more thing, if our aim of getting up is for bhajan bandagee bhakti, it means, we have a keen desire to walk the path of truth; and to be able walk the path of truth, our dealings with the world and our relations of any type, have to be based on morality, like no cheating, no lies, no slandering, goodness at the bottom of our hearts, being helpful to all, without animosity towards anyone, as the very objective of our goal, is much present in all, as in us.

Well brother, these have been my 2 cents, but I am sure among the sangat here, there are many good sikhs who can give you also their helpful hints, then you decide what appeals you most, and put it into practice.

Any how, you have my best wishes. May Wahiguru bless you.

Sat Sree Akal.

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