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    • They beat up a 80 old Sikh guy?
    • Yes you are missing a lot.. the fights at Vaisahki mela (Where GGSJ is) & there stall is blasting dharmic music, beating a 80year old then being the face of Sikh Youth UK & not taking responsibility. Why make a paper statement when other times his made videos about things.. 
    • Especially these pakis they take the <banned word filter activated> piss I'm just ghetto lol lived in Salford,  Radford bought up near chappletown leeds so I dngaf
    • If anyone is against grooming I'm with them, one thing I suggest let's build a Gudwara for people to come 2 before it even gets to that situation,  with helplines ect.
    • When Sikh Youth Birmingham later to become Sikh Youth UK first came on the scene, it was all good, no issues. Finally more were doing something about the grooming issue, by whatever means necessary. It remained this way for a good while. As mentioned by @MisterrSingh it was only soft, liberal airy-fairy types who had an issue (still do, always will); the majority of the community did not. The same majority didn't have an issue with how they viewed a certain other community as a whole either. Everyone was fine with a sort of 'don't ask, don't tell' policy. Just to make clear I myself have had no issue with any of their grooming-tackling solutions and any associated activities. It's both good sense and common sense to have a 'brawn wing' if you will, as long as they're lowkey and stick to what they're good at. I still support this wholeheartedly. The issues which have now arisen are unrelated to their fight against grooming. Again to even to have a group which 'doesn't temper their strength with spirituality' is absolutely fine. But when this group themselves start to veer into prachaar too deeply, both Ithiaasik and Adhyaatmik especially that which is flawed, that's when it becomes an issue. And when a group like this begins to emerge as one of the leaders in the prachaar field for impressionable youth (and adults), people who are now behaving completely irresponsibly towards their own, that's when it becomes a serious concern. Now, as we have seen they are trying to police people [Sikhs], to control them [Sikhs], interfere in their [Sikhs] lives, harass/threaten individuals [Sikhs], and promote their (toxic) ideology which has come about as a result of the khulli chhutti they think they have. One of the recurring themes of Gurbani is Sadh Sangat and another is ignorance/avidya. If the effect they're having on Sangat is rooted in ignorance/avidya then this problem will fester and will be yet another issue that has to be dealt with in the coming years. It's not forward thinking at all. SYUK shouldn't be completely autonomous; an organisation like this needs to answer to, or at least be linked to, an org who have their heads screwed on and are forward-thinking, long sighted, and most importantly in tune with Gurmat. Look at the SAS, they are equally if not better at the job than SYUK because they stick to their job; they don't try and do the above type prachaar and policing. They create awareness and spread knowledge, stick to strongly to Sikhi ethics and values without getting embroiled in this ridiculous controversey.  

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