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    • Yeah i feel to understand and practice Sikhi you need a understanding of basic traditional values and morals and live by them. I really feel if your outlook and and upbringing is western like many Punjabis these days then they really won't get Sikhi, without those traditional values they won't find Sikhi appealing. Things like lowering your gaze when walking past a female, how is someone with a westernized liberal upbringing supposed to understand things like that? Yeah thats what i mean, as apocalyptic as is may sound i really do think cultural Sikhs or mainstream as you described it really will assimilate into the local people, and the reason i believe that is because its happening! One of my many reasons of getting into Sikhi was i looked at the state of my cousins and their offspring and thought to myself that Sikhi really is over for them! i thought i need to get into it otherwise it really would be the end of Sikhi in my family lineage!  My cousins kids are even less interested and clueless than my cousins are. In my entire family from all my cousins and there is over 30 of us, i am the only one who keeps my kes and practices as much as i can!  their kids don't even know how to speak Punjabi let alone read bani. My cousin sister came over from Canada and her health is on and off and my mum said to her that she should read mool mantar and her response was "whats that" !!   this is the state of them. I worked with a Punjabi female in her early 20s, her family are from Singapore and she told me she drinks alcohol with her mum! how is someone who has been raised in a way where its normal to drink with your mum supposed to even remotely find Sikhi appealing?  Thats what i mean once your outlook is liberal and westernized like the vast majority of Punjabis today, Sikhi will not be appealing to them at all. 
    • Why cant we have our own HOMELAND?!   Haven't we suffered enough?!   
    • Somewhere along the way we've allowed a certain mentality to creep in which implies that "anything and everything is permissable" in Sikhi. At the same time, an opposing idea that a Sikh who rallies against this mentality; who wishes to adhere to a framework of belief and edicts is labelled as orthodox or extreme has also taken hold. Basically, following rules is intolerant, oppressive, and ungodly, whereas just "being" is godly. It's the same pattern that's beginning to tear at the fabric of humanity across the globe. So in that sense we aren't alone. But in our unique situation, it's our duty to provide solutions to these problems that originate outside of religious circles.
    • Sounds like she is bipolar.  She is using social media to ride the high wave out.  Soon it will flip and the dark and insecure person will come out.   Don't feed the troll and she will have nothing to go on.
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