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Toronto Man Disrespects Sikh Guru By Wearing Disgusting Halloween Costume And Calling Him Guru

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Sketchy area you live in. Just don't open the door then lol, I thought you were saying you'd open the door and just shut it in their face.

Well there's nothing wrong in doing that either when you've got a big man standing in front of you that's in Halloween dress and you can't see his face. I'd probably do exactly that. Like come on, what need is there for adults without kids to go trick or treating. Don't live in a dream world. Crime can happen anywhere, even the safest of areas. We have a duty and responsibility to protect ourselves also.
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Simran ji, that's true but that is also the reason to why I wear my long kirpan. But whatever, this halloween I gave candies to anyone who knocked, I think it's safe to say after 9pm kids do not go trick or treating, so that is when I stop opening the door.

Actually kids should be in bed for 7pm stretching it to 7.30pm. They wouldn't be kids after 7.30pm, they would be teenagers. Also the parents have a responsibility to not keep them out past their bedtime.

Think what you want, you obviously live in cuckoo land.

And that's a pathetic excuse for wearing a kirpan. So you think you can expose yourself to danger willingly yourself just because you wear a kirpan and take it out when it suits you ? That's what it sounds like from what you wrote. Wouldn't you rather use your common sense in not putting yourself in a situation like that in the first place?

Probably safe where you are, but where we are there were grown men in Halloween dress knocking on doors at 8pm and guess what? Nobody opened their doors. Ohh I wonder why !

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No need for insults, as I respect everyone here Simran ji. Kids(children) here start during 6pm, and end at 8pm. I always wear my kirpan, and I wouldn't hesitate using it in defense.

It's not an insult it's a fact.

And even if it is an insult, I'd say it's a valid one. You can't just go around in ego showing off thinking you have a kirpan, that is not Sikhi.

A kirpan should be used to restore grace or defend grace. And only be used when required to do so, not to assume ego and think one is superior than another or use it as an excuse.

Exactly, you wrote end at 8pm the latest in the average safest area. So why open doors after that, where you in your previous post you wrote 9pm.

Hun apay liki ja, I got meetings to attend. Goodbye Ji.

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