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Miri Piri Foundation - Live Announcement,sikh Channel

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Dear Sikhs pls share this message:

We are about to make a Major Announcement LIVE on Sikh Channel sky 829 TONIGHT at 8pm!

We request everyone to please share this status or ring/text your Sikh friends to let them know about tonights special announcement.

SIKH CHANNEL tonight at 8PM

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    • I think it’s because you don’t use the term ‘some women’, you talk as if it’s all. I think your experiences with women are limited (some of your opinions aren’t even based on first hand experiences, it’s my mother said, my Pua said). Personally I don’t know any one of my generation who had an arranged marriage, if that’s when your experience of career talk has come in big. I only have seen people date and marry, generally what’s happened is people have got together based on initial attraction and charm, then the rest is based on this build up of lust. I can think of five cousins/sister inlaws who married men who make less than them- we aren’t an ugly family either. I personally was earning more than my husband, however now we have totally reversed where with Maharajs kirpa he owns multiple successful businesses.. I have both a undergrad and post grad qualification, his education didn’t go past school. I wasn’t desperate either, quite the opposite... Its a totally different world when you meet someone on a night out like in my case. Your ideas that you are coming up apparently are based on most women... most women in the world aren’t religious and most of these women now meet men in clubs etc. People go on initial attraction. I do however have male cousins who work high up in the corporate world and turn their nose down on nurses and teachers. So this is why to me and Sat your generalisations are inaccurate. I’m not saying there aren’t women like this, but you seem very sure your opinions represent most women however it can depend on your social circle, I find successful women who were brought up well and who do make money are secure in themselves that they don’t always need a man to make more. Money isn’t everything. Once you have it you realise how much you don’t need it. I do see women however who are generally from poor backgrounds who watch what others have, and they are the ones who want that lottery ticket out, I agree it happens. However these days a lot of women are realising true happiness is what’s important and that doesn’t come out of materialistic things. Most women would rather a supportive loving partner.
    • Maybe in the past lives they loved each other very much as jeev. And perhaps as hetero couple, but both get born in same gender, but love is there .
    • Which surely defeats the purpose of same-sex attraction?
    • The biggest disaster to befall the world was the Arab empire and their creation of Islam as a religion to rival Christianity of the Byzantines and Rome and the Zoroastrianism of the Persians. Recent research points to this as being the true chronology of events rather than the Muslim narrative of Islam coming first and then the Arab empire. The world would be a much better place had there been no Arab empire and Islam. The Dharmic religions would have been a majority from Afghanistan through to Vietnam and from Japan to Indonesia.  Afghanistan certainly would not have been the shythole it is now. Before Islam it was a centre of learning and had a mixture of Greek and Buddhist influences. The descendants of the people who created these-;   Would not be doing this today had the religion of 'peace'  not been created.
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