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    • Welcome to Sikh Blessings Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh! In the current Corona-virus crisis we are here to support you and your family do Ardas for the good health of your family. Please reach out to us for an Ardas service for your loved ones, and we will accommodate your needs. We wish everyone good health and strength during these difficult times. Here is an Ardas for the good health of all Sangat during Corona virus. https://sikhblessings.com/ If you require an Ardas prayer to be said for a relative you are worried about, someone in hospital, or for your own family’s wellbeing, please get in touch and request our service. Our service is here to help you during the moments when you need Waheguru the most. We know and understand there are many Sikhs who want to take a step towards Waheguru but find they are not able to go to the Gurdwara, life complications get in the way, or they’d rather pray in private. Any Ardas from the heart will connect to Waheguru no matter where you are, but if you’d like one done by our dedicated Giani Ji in the presence of Siri Guru Granth Sahib Ji we are happy to facilitate this seva for you.
    • Khalsa school should go to Nishkam trust because they've done well with their schools and I believe deep down their motives are sound and their heart is pure .
    • I've noticed a huge gap between American Sikhs compared to UK and Canadian Sikhs. I got some family up in Yuba City, Vallejo, and Stockton. Most of them are completely westernized. Brown twitter is literally kaljug. It's terrible. The amount of bakwas some of these guys be tweeting is actually ridiculous. 
    • I have heard good things about Mankamal Singh and Atam. Hopefully, the school can get back on track  and thrive and flourish.
    • The reason why women cause arguments is because they prioritise emotion. It is part of a woman's firmware to have highs and lows of emotion. It is better for women to have a bad emotion than being bored.  Why do you think women love drama shows on TV and gossip, because they get off on the indignation. 
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