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Sarbat Khalsa: Sikh Orgs Elect Bhai Hawara As New Akal Takht Jathedhar

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So Bhai Hawara has the mandate of the vast majority of the Sikhs gathered at the Sarbat Khalsa. Therefore the agents of evil and corruption ie SGPC, Badal clan, Indian govt, BJP and the rest have now no authority or say over in Sikh religious-political affairs.

I am wondering when will the changes be implemented? Is there a time frame to remove the pakhandi fake Sikh leaders and implement the installation of new leaders in their respective posts.

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Panjabi Sikhs need to do everything they can to avoid another armed conflict in Panjab and repeat other mistakes we made in the past. Badal said the current situation in Panjab is like the 90s, and he will treat it like the 90s (insurgency). Be careful.

I'm pretty sick of all those "khalistani" activists sitting their butts here in western countries who are constantly pushing for another war. They don't even realise how many people, (not just sikhs) will die if it turns violent. We can all be chardikala and give shaheedian, but who will take care of the panth and make sure that we actually win against the government? I support using arms only once non violence has been completely exhausted, like Guru Gobind Singh Jee said in Zafarnamah.

(Forgive language)

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