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    • Privatisation can also mean foreign players can come onto the scene.  China is buying swathes of land in Africa and elsewhere to grow food, they could do the same in India. New Zealand bulk of agriculture goes to China. What if these companies decide to sell food produced to China for higher prices and not to local market? 
    • Do you know what other system other than MSP is present. I can see this game played by opening up the market to private corporations. You see the same scam played with privatisation of other sectors. It looks like that you open up the market and seems to be "free" market. What will happen is small operators get swallowed up and eventually gets controlled by a few big players.  You get less players and less competition. The smaller players will close their farms and you end up mass industrial farms with bonded labourers.  It is going back to a feudal system by another name. You have Mr Ambani with his Reliance retail stores. He will squeeze the all suppliers like Tesco does in the UK. Those farmers will be forced to sell their land to him.  He will control the production of food and the sale of it to the public.  If him and his cronies start to control the price, they will push all those small retail stores that sell food and they will be put out of business.  He and his ilk will control everything.  That cannot be allowed to happen.
    • I did see an interveiw with a Hindu lady at these talks who said that she represented a farmers organisation from Maharashtra and Gujarat ans she said that her members were being told by police not to make their way to Delhi otherwise they would face legal action. The police have also been guarding the most points out of the villages to check any attempt by farmers to come to Delhi. The reason that it looks like just farmers from Punjab and Haryana is because these states provide the most agricultural produce through the MSP. So they are one that stand to lose the most if MSP is scrapped after the private corporations enter the market. 
    • Guest Singh
      Yes I think 99% of Sikhs do not believe this Mughal+Brahmin lie about our Guru Sahibaan being Hindu Kings in previous lives. And clearly the paid Mughal scribe who cooked this stuff up in Chapter 4 does not know Sikh itihaas one bit. All the Khalsa Panth knows that Guru Angad Dev Ji and Guru Amar Das Ji were not of Bedi ancestry.   The mistakes mentioned in this thread are in Chapter 4 of Bachittar Natak. Prostitute story is in Charitropakhiyan.
    • Modi is good buddy of Ambani.  Ambani stands to gain from this farming "reform". He wants Reliance to take over all the farm land. Like he does with every other industry.  That is why company is called Reliance because everybody has to "Rely " on him. Never rely on a Gujju!  There are levels to the Patel hierarchy.  If you ask a Gujju about his craftiness they always shift the blame to another group of Gujjus or another merchant class. They will always say, " it's not us, it's those marwari 's"
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