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Amritsar Declaration 1994- Akali Dal And Capt Amarinder Singh Push For Independent State


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20 years ago the Akali Dal represented by Surjit Singh Baranala comprising of what is now Badals Akali Dal and Capt Amarinder Singh then being an Akali signed the statement below that they would push for an independent state if Sikh demands were not met. They signed this publicaly at Siri Akal Takht.

The exact wording of Amritsar Declaration

Shiromani Akali Dal

The Amritsar Declaration

(At Sri Akal Takht, May 1st, 1994)

The Shiromani Akali Dal, championing the cause of Guru Granth Sahib -based Punjabi culture, reiterates its commitment to pursue a democratic struggle for the creation of a separate region for the Sikhs, where they can enjoy freedom. Prior to partition, the Congress promised to create such a region, which promise has so far not been fulfilled. The aspirations of the Sikh nation and the Punjabis can be realised only with the creation of such a region. Such a region can help in fulfilling the needs and desires of minorities. At this juncture in history, on the one hand we have unrest in southeast Asia, and on the other, western nations are exploring new value models to determine their destiny. These nations are also in the process of reidentifying with their distinctive cultural identities.

In these circumstances, in such a region, the practice of ideals enshrined in the Guru Granth Sahib of universal brotherhood and unity, humility, corruption-free politics and peaceful coexistence, can be a beacon light for other cultural entities. In this territory, religious, economic, political and social institutions based on the Sikh way of life will uphold moral awareness, and also provide the Sikh people a place in history, hitherto unavailable. With this achievement, the Sikhs and Panjabiat will be able to make a laudable contribution to enrich world culture.

The Shiromani Akali Dal is of the view that India is a sub-continent of various nations and cultures, each with a distinct legacy and status. The sub-continent needs to be restructured with a confederal constitution, enabling participating entities to prosper and flourish according to their own aspirations and to establish their special position in the comity of nations and cultures. In case such a new confederal structure is not accepted by Indian rulers, then the Shiromani Akali Dal has no option but to demand and struggle for an independent

and sovereign Sikh state.


Amarinder Singh

Jagdev Singh Talwandi

Simranjit Singh Mann

Jasmer Singh Bala, Col. (Retd.)

Surjit Singh Barnala

Bhai Manjit Singh

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