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Please Help Find The Person Who Killed Surinder Kaur

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7 December at 14:41 ·

***Important Notice***

PLEASE help us find the person who killed aunty Surinder Kaur.

Please like/share to create awareness.

Police have today named a woman who died in a hit-and-run on Soho Road, Handsworth as Surinder Kaur.

The 61-year-old local woman was crossing the Soho Road outside the Guru Nanak temple at around 5.30pm on Friday 4 December when she was struck by the car which was travelling in the direction of Birmingham.

The driver of the vehicle did initially stop at the scene but then drove away.

Sergeant Paul Hughes from West Midlands Polices Collision Investigation Unit, said The vehicle involved is believed to be a Vauxhall Astra VXR Artic Edition, which is a limited edition model. It has a very distinctive black roof and wing mirrors and I have chosen to release photographs of the model and the actual vehicle in a hope that these will prompt someones memory. The vehicle involved will have damage to the front nearside bumper

I would appeal to anyone who saw the vehicle on that day or has seen one since that day with similar damage to contact either myself or my team

In addition I would appeal direct to the driver of that vehicle to come forward. I know you stopped outside the temple and I know you got out of the vehicle and walked back towards the scene before driving away. Please do the right thing and get in touch with either myself or my team.

Anyone with information should contact the Collision Investigation Unit on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Our condolences to the family and friends of aunty ji.

Let's hope the culprit is found quickly.



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    • If you are in favor of agan-bhet generally, could I ask why? To understand the position.
    • In general, I don't. And it's not seva. It's a huge sin. When I said there's no reason to burn the Gutka Sahib, I mean simply there's no reason given in the post. I didn't come up with this. The venerable @neo was a hard core opponent of burning Gurbani. Some people in our Panth are on a agan-bhet bender (I'm not talking about posters on the board, I'm talking about the actual institutions mentioned in old threads).  It is really, really hard for me to understand a reason for burning birs of Guru Sahib or Gutkas in the vast majority of circumstances. If a page is torn, you can fix the tear. If really necessary, you can replace the single page. After a long time, the sides of pages become worn. But so what? I've done paath from older Gutkas. Why does it become necessary to burn the Gutka? It's not a car that you're trading in for a new model. 
    • Unfortunately, the poster Guest Komal doesn't have an account, but I would really like to ask him if he could articulate why exactly, in his mind, he can't do paath from that Gutka Sahib. I can only assume that the post recommending agan-bhet was sarcastic. If the argument is that if you accidentally touch a Gutka sahib to something unclean (like the floor), and then you should burn it, does that mean the same applies to, say, your father? If you were helping your father in some way, and accidentally tripped him, would you then conclude you should burn him? Obviously, you should say sorry. But not getting a new father, for crying out loud.
    • It's hard for me to dispute that with any specificity. It's maddening that a person can be so near to Guru Nanak ji, and yet so far. However, I'll still take even a 1% rate of adoption. The way I see it, non-strict Sikhs are the field from which devout Sikhs can grow. When a non-strict Sikh undergoes a life event that causes him to think about the meaning of life, he turns to Gurbani, and that's a good thing. By contrast, non-strict Muslims turn to the Koran and become Jihadis. That's why I'll take the non-strict Sikhs over Muslims, Hindus, etc. And in that way, on that  point, I agree with 1699 (forgot his username).
    • Do provide it written where. I don't see it Dasam Bani. which Bani in Dasam Bani is it written.
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