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Golden Temple Put On Worl Heritage Site List

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According to news published in the newspaper, The Rozana Pehredar , the Cultural Minister of India has announced in the Parliament that the Sri Harmandar Sahib is now World Heritage site.

Source: http://rozanapehredar.com/news/srii-drbaar-saahib-yuunaiskoo-dii-vishv-viraast-suucii-c-shaaml

Sri Harmandar Sahib has been put on World Heritage Site list. What does it mean? It means that Harmandar Sahib , in the eyes of rest of the world is only a historic site. It means that world community would give its approval to any action that the Government of India thinks is necessary to “(so called )” safe guard the site. In fact, on international level, it gives the approval to put the overall control of and the responsibility of what happens inside Harmandar Sahib complex to Government of India (even though outwardly appears to be under the control of Sikhs through the SGPC which itself is legally responsible to Government of India by virtue of the act of Parliament of India)

Whenever some concerned Sikhs tried to protest this move, both the Government of India and the SGPC denied that such a plan is being contemplated. Denying this by the Central Government of India and SGPC every time the questions were asked was their scheme to keep it secret.

The recent – ( few months ago), the appointments of some highest level management personnel at the site (such as highly paid Secretary and controller/ accountant/auditor) who are NOT under SGPC, but would not only control the finances and management tasks at the complex but also the SGPC finances, seems like the initial attempt to snatch the control of Harmandar Sahib and the Akaal Takht away from Sikhs.

Such a massive fraud could not have been accomplished in such secrecy without the approval of Badals.

This means now that the UNO and rest of the world now recognizes Sri Harmandar Sahib only as a historic site (not a religious site) look after of that- (even the site of Akaal Takht) is officially the responsibility of Government of India (under the Cultural ministry of India).- not the Sikhs. Where are we going with this, only time will tell !

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